learning by multiple intelligence + giveaway!

Do you remember my post about Multiple Intelligence last month (see here)?

After doing some research on the topic, it really inspired me to be more active in my daughter's growth and learning experiences. 

I've read several articles recently about how we are raising a "dependent generation" by relying on all things "quick and instant". Learning these days is largely based on technology which might be good for some but not for all. To depend on a singular way of learning for your child also prevents him/her to achieve their full potential.
So what do we need to do?
I am no expert in the field but I would like to share with you some things I noticed through experience.
First and most important of all is to spend time with your kids and show enthusiasm. Yes, sometimes we'd rather stretch our legs, read a book or watch TV (we're only human after all) but try your best to brush all those thoughts aside because their intuition is quite stronger than you think and they can feel these things. If they sense that your heart is not 100% in it, theirs won't be either and the process will take longer. Some of them might even appear to be uninterested and not able to focus. Maybe they would rather play games on their iPad too rather than do these activities with you. And this is why we need to work extra hard to keep them  engaged.

Second, we need to realize that kids have moods and feelings too which is why it is almost as important to observe them and see how they react to things. This will help us determine which learning style is best suited for them.

Forcing them to learn something via solely the traditional way can be heartbreaking for them and for us. Sometimes, no matter how many times we quiz them on a certain topic, it just doesn't register. This can get very frustrating for us as parents but it also puts a dent in our child's self-esteem. The least thing we want is for them to feel inadequate and stupid.

Something I learned is that there are 8 ways of learning things:

  1. words (linguistic intelligence)
  2. numbers or logic (logical-mathematical intelligence)
  3. pictures (spatial intelligence)
  4. music (musical intelligence)
  5. self-reflection (interpersonal intelligence)
  6. a physical experience (bodily-kinesthetic intelligence)
  7. a social experience (interpersonal intelligence), and/or 
  8. an experience in the natural world. (naturalist intelligence)

So how to put this into action?

  1. By observing your child carefully, you will be able determine which learning processes will work best for them.
  2. Write the topic to be learned in the middle of a blank sheet of paper and draw a flowchart with 8 arms that correspond to the 8 different learning styles.
  3. Determine 8 different ways you can teach your child about the lesson.

Practical Examples:

  1. My daughter is more of an interpersonal sort of learner. I needed to teach her the logic behind money, change, buying and selling things. We started with her textbooks. After a few minutes, I realized it wasn't working. It was doing more harm than good. She appeared drained and defeated so I decided to pack up the books and bring out the toys. It was time to play "store". I was the customer and she was the cashier. Within 30 minutes, she got her lesson down to a T.
  2. The ABC Song - Turn your lesson/anything needed to be memorized into a simple song.
There are many many ways but all depend on your beautiful, unique child. What's most important is that we help make them realize how amazing and adept each one of them is in their own way.

Yay! To celebrate, here's a new giveaway!

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Marc said…
I hope to be able to go to Singapore someday! I heard that there are a lot of Filipinos in Mustafa too!
carla said…
Oooh, 24 hours you say? You just gave me an idea for someplace I can shop in peace when the kids are asleep. =) =)

You're right, Singapore is very expensive. Ubos kaagad pera ko when I shop in Orchard. Sale season is ok but I think our sales are pretty much comparable -- and we already have all the big brands here. When I'm in Singapore, I ALWAYS go to Bugis Street Market. It's like Greenhills/168 combined and there are LOADS of cheap fashionista clothes and accessories. That's the only place I can shop without burning my wallet. I super love it =)

Btw, I don't see those kinds of necklaces in Greenhills... The ones in the tiangge have less elaborate designs. Nice yung nasa top row second from the right.
sarahtirona said…
there are so many filipinos working in sg now, almost every shop you visit has a pinoy and a lot of the locals can understand bits of tagalog already :P
sarahtirona said…
Hi Carla! Hahaha yup, exactly, pretty sure your kids aren't gonna like it here although they have a kids toy section too pero sobrang crowded. HK pa din ako forever, cold and cheap. the best :P about the necklace, some shops sa shoppesville meron or on IG, ive come across several online shops selling them :) sige na nga, i guess pwede na yung P300. hahahaha, dismayed lang kse and dirty and di ganun kalaki discount :P