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 Because I spent the last few months being totally lazy and immersing myself waaaaay too much into normcore and how easy it is to dress that way, I'm now in the mood to put a little more thought into what I wear but still sticking to my usual black and white palette and sometimes gray, beige plus a bit of a pop of color every now and then. :P

But don't get me wrong, I'm still VERY much into normcore. How can you not? it's the comfiest trend everrrrrr!

Anyway, this is what I wore to the launch of Kenneth Cole's Holiday 2014 Watch Collection (see HERE) that was held in Makati Shangri-la a couple of days ago. Quite posh which is also why I decided to dress up a bit more.

The great thing about having a closet that's made up mostly of blacks/whites and printed blacks and whites is that it's like you can almost dress up even with your eyes closed and yet still look good. Everything is already pre-coordinated which makes it extremely easy to mix different prints and silhouettes. You can come up with hundreds of different outfit combinations with just a few pieces.

Since the event was held at lunch time and had an urban New York theme, I decided to sort of channel a modern "ladies who lunch" kinda feel. I took the mixed prints trend further by extending it all the way to my choice of footwear...florals, stripes, zebra + a pop of vibrant yellow from the heel of my shoes and clutch to keep things interesting.

zebra pumps
fall fashion 2014
mixed prints street style
And a pretty blue contrasting accent provided by my new watch from the Kenneth Cole Holiday 2014 collection:

xiamo redmi
white biker jacket street style
yellow bag street style
forever 21 white biker jacket | sm woman striped cami | suiteblanco floral skirt | cmg stacatto zebra pumps | mikka padua clutch | kenneth cole watch | pandora bracelets

photos by anagonzales.com



Marc said…
Nice style. :))
ninalacson said…
Sarah! So pretty!! :)

Nina of http://tohoneysuckledays.blogspot.com/
sarahtirona said…
thank you nina!!! xoxo :)
sarahtirona said…
thank you marc! :)