p.s. from aeropostale launch at up town center

What makes a kids fashion show successful?
It’s when the kids watching actually beg you to shop the clothes and the brand afterwards!

That’s exactly what happened during the PS From Aero fashion show held at the UP Town Center a few days ago:

The show had a fair-like carnival theme complete with food carts, d.i.y. and game booths:

Nikola's favorite feature was the graffiti wall. She spent most of her time there while waiting for the show to begin.

It was an event created for kids by kids complete with this awesome Dj duo who I later found out were kids of DJ M.O.D.

And this really adorable photographer who did a stellar job of documenting the events:

To kickstart the show, a raffle was held wherein one lucky audience member got to win P10,000 worth of Aeropostale gift certificates!

That was soon followed by an impressive dance performance by this young boy:

And the actual Runway Show:

I was really excited for this event because aside from it being the official launch and opening of P.S. from Aeropostale in UP Town Center, it was also the debut of my little cousin as a model. Say hi to Alex Curran! :)

She looked amazing and didn't seem like a novice at all. Congrats for bagging this babygirl!

Now down to the clothes...

What I think really makes tweens and kids gravitate towards P.S. from Aero is its relatability. 

Somehow, they really know what kids want to wear. 

Each model that walked down the runway was clad in something resembling the fashion I often see on popular Nickelodeon and Disney actors and actresses. I caught Nikola oggling on more than several occasions. At one point, she even asked if she could sit closer to the stage! :P

As a parent, I like how they are able to keep kids looking like kids without sacrificing style. The designs are really cute but age appropriate.

(Brands that manufacture children's clothing with designs that are too mature are a big turn off for me. I don't want my daughter looking like she's going to the club!)

I also like how practical and comfortable their clothes are. Most are durable and can be worn to school.

99% is made from cotton and other similar breathable materials so I'm pretty sure my daughter won't be complaining about sweat or rashes.

We both really, really adored all the short frilly skirts and thats pretty much what we searched for in the new P.S. from Aero store right after the show.

With that, I would just like to say Congratulations to Aeropostale Philippines and P.S from Aero for a very successful and entertaining show! Thanks for having us, we can't wait for the next!

But before I go,  I need to share this really really cute video of these 2 kids dancing to One Direction's "What Makes You Beautiful". They totally stole the show! Enjoy! :)



Marc said…
Wow! Online shops are really rising into popularity these days!