res|toe|run - feast for the feet

A Feast For The Feet (and the belly!). That's what the invite promised so how could I say no? :)

I attended Res | Toe | Run's "Feast For The Feet" event at Lartizan, Serendra a couple of days ago to celebrate the launch of its newest brands: Birkenstock (fave!), Faux Pas Paris, People Footwear, Swims and Telic:

Quick backstory on Lartizan: it's actually the posh cousin of French Baker! Lots of quality breads, pastries and cold cuts. Perfect for afternoon tea!

Primer Group appointed the help of some lifestyle personalities to create style inspirations for the new brands and show us how to incorporate it into our daily lives.

Some of the curators were Anthony Suntay for Swims, Patricia Prieto for Faux Pas Paris, Lissa Kahayon for Birkenstock, and David Guison for People's.

Birkenstock: I believe this brand doesn't need much of an introduction from me've seen me in them many many times in numerous style posts. The beloved grunge pair of the 90s is back and is one of the most coveted styles this season. You simply cannot do normcore without a pair of Birks! :)

Something you might not know? Pairs come as cheap as P1000++ ;)

Faux Pas Paris: Waterproof, washable footwear made from PVC material. These are perfect for our bipolar weather. Styles come in a plethora of quirky ballet flats with interchangeable button and ribbon accents, rain boots, ankle boots and boot shoes.

Swims: It's like "Faux Pas" for the guys. These luxurious yet affordable shoes are water-friendly and stylish enough to take you from the boardroom to the bar. The transition is made easy with several variations of the classic Penny Loafer. There's the Tassle Loafer, Lace Loafer and the Sport Loafer all made in rubber of course to help you deal with the elements in style.

People's: Available exclusively in Res Toe Run, People's integrates fashion and comfort with their very own Skylite Performance Foam. It's water repellant, easy to clean, shock absorbing and odor resistant!

People's carries a wide array of (really cute) styles like sneakers, sandals, slip-ons, and loafers for men and women. Designs are up to date making it really easy to integrate their shoes into your daily wardrobe.

Telic: Telic is all about comfort and recovery. A line of flip-flops from the US that conforms to the natural shape of your feet! They are also earth-friendly, durable and machine washable! How cool is that? Another really cool thing about Telic? It has a heat activated footbed with a material that reacts with your body temperature!

There you go, 5 new brands to ask for this Christmas :P

And of course since it was a "Feast For The Feet" event, we all got to take home a pair! Thank you Res | Toe | Run!

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