tech21 impact protection case for macbook air review

I was needing an upgrade for about a year before I finally decided to take the plunge and buy myself a new MacBook Air. The reason why it took so long was because I found it quite expensive. When I finally got one, I knew I wanted to protect my investment with the best case I could find.

Thank god for blogging, I was exposed to the new Tech21 Impact Protection case during an event held a couple of days after "my big purchase" (see here).

The moment I saw it, I knew it was the case for me. All of my other gadgets are protected by Tech21 cases that I'm very satisfied with so this was sort of a no-brainer for me. I was so happy they came out with a case in time for my new laptop. The timing was perfect!

Not only was it prettier and more stylish than all the others I've seen, it also had a feature that none of the others had: Impact Protection.

Very important especially when you live in a household with kids, pets and a clumsy husband. :P

It cost slightly more than the other cases but it's worth every penny.

Here are 8 reasons why you should choose the Tech21 Snap Case for your MacBook:

  1. Lightweight. Weighing only 375g, it's lighter than it's competitors and a big factor for me since the reason why I chose a MacBook Air was because it was light and I could take it with me everywhere without breaking my back. Also, a lightweight case is very important as it won't cause your screen to fall backwards when you open it at more than a 90 degree angle. (The hinge of my old MacBook Pro got really loose after using a cheap crystal case for an extended period of time).
  2. It fits my MacBook perfectly. Snug, seamless, doesn't move around or wiggle when I'm using it.
  3. Smooth, gummy shell provides a scratch-free, smudge-free surface and good grip.
  4. Doesn't just protect your laptop against scratches but also bumps. Just like their iPhone and iPad cases, their Macbook cases also use military grade D30 material which absorbs, dissipates and repels force upon impact. (more info here)
  5. No issues with overheating here. The Tech21 snapcase allows your laptop to breathe so it doesn't overheat.
  6. Slim design.
  7. Easy to install. Just snap, click and you're good to go.
  8. But most important of all (for me at least :P), it allows the beauty of your MacBook to shine though and dare I say, it even kinda enhances it ;P 

Also, I really love the perforated look!

It perfectly compliments my minimalist/sport luxe personal style aesthetic. Makes it kinda feel a bit like a designer handbag instead of a laptop when I'm carrying it. 

It would be pretty awesome to have a transparent padded, laptop bag to go along with it....hello, Alexander Wang. hahaha

All ports are accessible:

And it even has rubber feet that grip onto any surface to ensure that your laptop stays snug and doesn't easily slide off the table.

When you're laptop is open, it's so unobtrusive, you almost forget that it's there.

In my opinion, the Tech21 Impact Protection case is the best case you can buy for your MacBook right now.

For more info, visit:

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