trip to jollitown and the big fun event

What can P65 buy you these days? 

A loaf of bread, 1 big bottle of soda, a liter and a half of gas? Not much really BUT at Jollibee's The Big Fun Event, your P65 can go a long way.

A couple of Sundays ago, I took my family with me to SMX to check out Jollitown:

The Big Fun Event was exclusive to  Jollibee Kids Club Members but non-members could still enter by simply applying for membership at the venue. 

Entrance cost only P65 per head and that already included stubs for a meal, a lootbag, and an unlimited pass so you and your kids can enjoy all the activity booths prepared inside by Jollibee! 

The venue was filled with endless giant inflatables so the kids could have fun and not get hurt. There was a giant rainbow slide, a mock rock climbing booth, a graffiti art wall where they could just go crazy and paint whatever they wanted, a hat booth where you could get free hats in your favorite Jollibee mascot, a wishing well, a velcro wall, bubble dome (we all know how much kids love their bubbles!), a master burger station and many, many more.

Best of all? After completing each activity, your kids get a stamp on their Jollitown Passport which allows them to redeem special prizes at every booth!

They don't call it The Big Fun Event for nothing! Everyone had a good time and this was a very common scene along the sidelines: kids sitting down, having a mini picnic while playing with the news toys they got from every booth.

All of the kids left with lootbags filled to the brim!
Me? I was just happy with my free Yum and the fact that I was able to let my daughter have such a good time while spending very little cash.

We arrived home with happy bellies and more than enough toys to keep her busy for a week!

One whole day certainly wasn't enough. There were so many things we still wanted to try. Hoping they have another one next year and that they make it last a bit longer!

Make sure you don't miss out on more fun events like this from Jollibee by registering to be a Jollibee Kids Club Member. Visit: or fill up a form at a participating Jollibee outlet near you! It only costs P100 to sign up but the perks far outweigh the meager registration fee. :)

See you at the next Jollibee event! Thanks for having us, we look forward to the next!



Anagon said…
Nakakatawa yun nanjujudge look ni ateng sa 2nd photo hahaha! I love big coats!!! And all-gray! :) <3 Nakaka Korean drama :D
Gellie Abogado said…
The coat really is a nice touch to this look, Sarah! I wanna give it a try din kaso... Hmm... Would it make me look shorter since I'm plump? Love how you played with words there! Hehe. True na when someone says 'bundle of joy' it becomes a metaphor for a baby or something and that's what I was expecting when I saw the title eh; but hindi pala. Hehe

Birk said…
A beautiful fireworks
Mica said…
Hi Ms. Sarah!

I think anything you wear will look good on you. Honestly! Even the simplest outfits you put on looks fasyown hehe. Gosh, even a pair of birks looks good on you, I wouldn't be able to pull those of in a million years.


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sarahtirona said…
aw thank you! im sure you can din, you just need the right attitude to pull them off. be comfortable in what you're wearing and know you look good in it ;)
sarahtirona said…
hi gellie! no it can actually make you look slimmer, just choose a dark color with long clean lines and match with a bottom of the same or similar shade ;e: black trousers + black coat. also, make sure it's not too big or too small. it should just skim your body nicely. and yes, thank you, i feel super witty with the title. hahahahahahaha
sarahtirona said…
ate im sorry but you're look is sooo 2010! hahahaha