gel nails at beauty and butter

When it comes to gel nail polish, I have to admit, I am super behind.

In all the years it's been available, I only tried it a few weeks ago. :P

The reason behind my apprehension was because I like to keep my nails short and the fact that I need to get gel nails removed professionally.

But because my friends are all into it and have been doing it for quite some time, I finally decided to give it a try during a visit to Beauty and Butter, Megamall.

The reason why I love getting my footspa and mani-pedi's here is because their "Butter Girls" have really light hands. It never hurts and their tools are always sterilized and sealed before use.

So back to gel nails...

I am one of those people who manage to botch their manicures mere seconds after it's done. No matter how careful I try to be, it just ALWAYS happens.

And this is why I have turned into a gel nail convert.

For clumsy people like me, gel nails are perfect. They dry sturdy and quickly after a few minutes under UV light. Once pronounced dry by your manicurist, you can abuse it any way you like :P

And they will look perfect until the day you decide to have it removed.

To counter my short nail fetish, I just trim them even with the polish still on. I don't recommend this but it works for me especially when I get too busy to schedule a trip to the nail salon and I cant stand the "long-ness" of it anymore.

But of course, it's always better for the health of your nails to have it removed professionally within a couple of weeks getting them :)

So I think gel nails in a bright red are super perf this Holiday season cause it'll last you 'til New Year and all the parties in between!

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