hermes oran - a slight obssesion

The Hermes Oran wasn't something I saw and immediately wanted. It sort of grew on me slowly just like their bags.

I used to think the Birkin looked old lady-ish :P But now, I appreciate it for it's timeless design and solid built. It's a bag that doesn't change its shape or look yet still manages to maintain its lust-worthiness today even more so than when it first debuted decades ago. That definitely makes it worth the investment if you can afford it. :P As of now, I still can't so I settled for a HerBag instead.

I'm thinking it's my HerBag that's made me pay closer attention to Hermes lately. Whatever the reason, it's my new (and most luxurious/expensive) flavor of the month to date. But I also think it's the most sensible when it comes to designer goods.

Like the Birkin, I first thought that the Oran looked like it belonged to the older set but after stumbling on it numerous times while searching for other things. I can't help but feel it call my name stronger by the day....

What do you think?

Retails for about P25,000 from the Hermes site where it is almost entirely sold out. After market prices play at around P30-35,000.

I know it's a bit much for a slipper but it is extremely comfortable (yes, I tried one on already :P) and well made.

And after seeing it on these ladies...I realized it can look young!

MK is almost always my deciding factor.

I especially like it when worn in a normcore/avante garde way like this stylish street style snap:

Only time, size and color availability will tell. Maybe next year when the weather gets warmer and I finally find one in my size and in a color I like. But with fashion being so fickle, who knows what's coming out in a couple of months. Still, I bet these Oran slides will probably endure the test of time just like the beloved Birkins.


buchi said…
I would also prefer the herbag as the birkin is just tooooo exorbitant. The herbag is a very nice alternative, may "porma" factor din and you can change the linings right? As for the slipper, mmm sorry not a fan =( medyo mukha siyang "generic" or should i say "di siya mukhang hermes" =p i'd rather splurge on a valentino rockstud shoe. But that's just my opinion =)
Gellie Abogado said…
In fairness, by itself, it does look a bit old-ish but looking at how these women wore it, makes me want a pair na rin! :D

sarahtirona said…
that's so true but the rockstud's are sooo expensive nakakaiyak! hahaha
sarahtirona said…
and yes, you can exchange the bodies of the herbag so super sulit parang 2 bags in one :)
sarahtirona said…
tempting super! hahaha