ootd: lacoste 1212 watch launch

Last December 12, I attended the launch of Lacoste's new 1212 watch.

The new watches were inspired by their iconic pique shirts. The straps feature the same pique mesh found on all Lacoste polo shirts. At the 3 o'clock dial rests the Crocodile logo.

The watches are unisex, large-faced and come in 6 colors: grey, red, blue, white, green and black:

lacoste 1212 watch
Something I didn't know before attending this event was that Lacoste was created by a popular tennis player in the 1920's named René Lacoste who was nicknamed "the crocodile" for his tenacity on the court!

He created the Lacoste pique shirts for better sweat absorption + freedom of movement and named it L.12.12.

L for Lacoste
1 for it's one of a kind fabric
2 for its short sleeves
and 12 for the number of the final design version he selected for production!

lacoste watches
Who would've thought that a simple shirt would turn into an elegant classic staple for years to come??? 

And because of its minimalistic yet stylish design, I'm pretty sure that these new 1212 watches will be loved just as much as the pique shirts that inspired their creation.

At the end of the event, we were allowed to choose a gift from this Christmas tree:

lacoste 1212 watch launch manila
Each box, contained a designated watch color. I really wanted the green one at first but I ended up getting the black one instead. After wearing it for 2 days, I'm actually pretty happy with the color I got. I think it suits my style and my clothes better. What you think? :)

lacoste 1212 watch
I also like how it's mostly rubber with minimal hardware. It makes choosing my accessories for the day way easier. Don't need to worry about matching it to just silver or gold jewelry. :)

SRP: P7,550

In our invite, we were requested to wear a Lacoste shirt or something sporty. My inventory of Lacoste shirts solely consist of the baby tee versions that were so popular a few years back. I don't really care for tight tees anymore so I borrowed one of Dennis's shirts instead:

lacoste street style
Paired it with a midi skirt from Topshop for a (sort of) vintage Tennis player look:

leopard print slip ons street style
white balenciaga first street style

And this is what happens after I run out of ootd poses. I only have about 3: look straight, look to the side and look down. :P

So lacking in emote skillzzz.

balenciaga first street style
orange midi skirt street style
lacoste live shirt | topshop midi skirt | steve madden leopard print slip ons

photos by AnaGonzales.com

The new Lacoste watches are available at L Timestudio, Wristpod, select Chronos boutiques, SM, Landmark and Robinson's Dept. Stores


Marc said…
I like the watches, but is this for men too?
sarahtirona said…
Hi Marc! Yup, they're unisex :)
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Jessi said…
I love the red and white, simple and cool, thanks for sharing!