shopping for skechers twinkle toes w new features

It's not unusual for grown women like us to go ga-ga in a shoe store....

Just for fun, would you like to see your kids exhibit the same behavior? Take them to a Skechers store near you and have them pick their own pair of Twinkle Toes!

That's exactly what we did a couple of weeks ago as we went shopping for a new pair that Nikola could wear to usher the New Year know what they say, the brighter, more colorful, sparkly and gemstone-y, the luckier! :P

Twinkle Toes has been her footwear of choice since she learned how to speak and pick. Somehow, kids can't resist this shoe that sort of resembles a toy.

And I can tolerate it better than those squeaky shoes that really annoy the bejeezus out of me! :P
Plus with the new On/Off switch it's less embarrassing to sneak into a dark movie theater mid-show.

Aside from the crowd-favorite light-up shoes, Skechers also has tons of new designs for kids including a super lightweight running shoe with a memory foam footpad. 

I pressed my fingers into it and it absorbed the force and just seemed like it melted in fresh cotton candy. It's super comfortable and a greta alternative if you can veer them away from the lure of Twinkle Toes. :P

Little boys aren't left out either with these new stylish designs:

As a mom, I really wanted to get her a pair of running shoes for comfort's sake but at the end of the day, the princess won and she got to take home the most sparkly pair of them all!

And lastly, don't be surprised if you see your kid doing this:

Nikola wasn't feeling a hundred percent when we passed by the store BUT she still couldn't help it. :P
AND while there, there was another little girl also shopping and doing the same thing. The Skechers Flagship store in Glorietta was filled with little stomping noises and flashing feet. :D hahaha

Bonus points? Her new shoe even comes with a new Twinkle Smash app on the Appstore and Google Play Store! :P


Marjorie said…
Pretty!! and bagay na bagay kay Nikola!
Hmmm I think I'll get one for myniece, Bianca! Happy New Year Sarah! :)