taiwan travel diaries: hello kitty cafe + barbie cafe

Taiwan is the land of cuteness and Hello Kitty. 

Hello Kitty is everywhere, some places you'd think you're in Japan but no, you're right in the heart of Taipei. She is so popular here that they are the only country in the world with a license to brew "Hello Kitty Beer". Yes, beer! It's made by Taiwan Beer, tried looking for some but I guess I wasn't looking hard enough cause I didn't find any although I was able to visit this:

The Hello Kitty Cafe! This was at the top of my must see places during our trip.

Luckily, it's also located in Daan District near our hotel so we decided to just walk. On the way, we also came across the Barbie Cafe:

Pink Galoreeee! It's located at the 2nd floor of a corner building about a block or two away from Hello Kitty Cafe, we didn't bother to go up cause I think two of these cutesy places might be too much for Dennis :P

Food seems to be a bit cheaper here than at the Hello Kitty Cafe where each guest is required to spend at least 500 NTD - Php714

Anyway, here you go, Hello Kitty Cafe:

Kinda looks like a life-size Sanrio toy...remember those hard plastic bags that you can open up into a cafe/house with Sanrio figurines? Like that :P

As we were waiting to get seated, I saw Dennis begin shuffling his feet uneasily. I think the all the pink and kawaii-ness of it got to him and started to make him feel a bit emasculated. :P

We visited a couple of hours after a heavy lunch, was planning on getting dessert but I wasn't that desperate to try it and I was beginning to pity my companion so I decided to take some quick pics and go somewhere else that's a little more gender neutral :P

Besides, I already read several reviews saying that the food is here is so-so, nothing great. You really visit more for the "cuteness" and experience, not so much the flavor.

Still, looking back, it might have been nice. Maybe during our next visit, this time with Nikola so there's more reason to drop by.

For your reference, pics of the menu:

Choice of dishes is similar to that of UCC:

Average price for  meal is about 500 NTD, that's a bit expensive for a cafe. And for Taiwan in general where good food is everywhere and super affordable.

Still, I think it's worth a visit just for the experience and the sake of nostalgic "cuteness". Hahaha

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