toms gift guide

I'm 99% done with my Christmas shopping, are you? 

That only means it's time for some self-shopping!!! :P

Or if you're still worried about that 1% on your shopping list, why not get them something from Toms while you pick up a pair for yourself along the way....

No plans to shoe shop for yourself? Hmmm, we'll see, I wasn't planning on getting a new pair either but after seeing these oxfords, I'm not too sure anymore.

And besides, since Christmas is the season of giving, it makes sense to purchase a pair from Toms because as we all know, each time we buy a pair, another pair goes out to someone in need.

2 birds with one stone.

Check out what's new from Toms this holiday season:

And these are the brogues I was talking aboutttttttt....

Haven't decided on which color yet but I'm leaning more towards the silver pair.

"silver pair, silver pair, it's christmas time in the cityyyyy" :P 
(don't unfollow me for that please haha)

TOMS is available at Megamall, Nothing But H2O and The Give Project.  
Visit for more information and follow TOMSphilippines on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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