watch and win - g toengi prepares her child for success #multipleintelligence

"The best measure of you being a parent is your child's success."

Quite surprising to me is how well I could relate to G Toengi.

We both grew up with a single mom that we hardly saw...hers was working, mine was studying so we needed to find ways to cope on our own.

In my experience, this led to me being less confident than my peers.

The good thing that came out of that is that I learned a valuable lesson: having a strong foundation and something solid that your kids can always rely on gives them the tenacity to try anything. It also provides them with the boldness to believe that anything is possible for them.

To make their dreams come true, as parents we need to expose, nourish and equip them with valuable lessons ad experiences that will help develop their inner Brain Smart, Body Smart and People Smart capabilities.

Watch the video below to find out more about how G Toengi helps her kids progress: 

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ps. Only parents with 4-7 yo kids are allowed to win, good luck!


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