what to give the person who has everything this christmas

Throwout the Fruit Cake, Cupcakes and all other types of cake!

There's always a couple of people on everyones Christmas list that are harder to gift than most. These are often people that you think "have everything".

According to friends and family, I have fallen into this category because of the amount of gifts and samples  I receive as a blogger.

They think I have "everything" that they can afford to give and those I don't have are too expensive (hello, Givenchy Nightingale in blaaaaack or nylonnnn).

If you find yourself with the same predicament, I'm sharing with you mine and Dennis's personal Christmas Wish List to give you some insight on what "people who have everything" might want and truly appreciate. :)

This is a 99% non-food list because honestly, there's already too much food circulating during the Holiday Season.

1. Beddings and Towels from H&M Home - Anything with a black, white or gray palette. Pillow cases are welcome (and very affordable here around P500 for a set), complete bed sets are even more welcome (hehe) bath towels (in black), or kitchen towels.

2. Coffee!!! Coffee grounds for brewing because the coffee-loving person who has everything still needs to go out and buy their grounds weekly. This will be greatly appreciated.

3. Moka Pot - for brewing coffee :P

4. Toothpaste/Mouthwash - you can never have enough supply of these! Funny but practical right? Just leave a thoughtful note so the person you're giving it too won't feel offended. Something along the lines of: "easing your grocery shopping burden or something like that :P"

5. Glass Food Containers - because greasy is never in style ;P

6. Candles are always a good idea - just keep it simple and classy

7. Leather Protector/Conditioner - because the person who has everything probably owns a lot of really nice leather goods (unless they're vegan, of course ;)

8. Spa/Massage gift certificates

9. Potted Plants for the home - ixney on the owersflay just to be on the safe side. Flowers are tricky business and you might not know which color suits their home or which ones are their favorites so stick with beautiful leafy plants unless its flowering cactus. Those are always pretty and easy to care for!

10. Plant a tree/donate in their name - this is a gift that everyone will benefit from. :)

There you go! A not so orthodox Christmas Wish List! Aside from the candles/coffee, I think these are pretty unique and practical gift ideas that not everyone will think about.