in-depth review: xiaomi redmi 1s

Exactly 2 days after Christmas. 

By now, you've probably been able to rest and recover from the pre-holiday rush.
Now, you're either loaded with cash that was given as gifts on Christmas (:P) or you've finally found the time to shop for yourself.

Either way, if you happen to be in the market for a new smartphone, maybe you should consider the Redmi 1S by Xiaomi...if you can get your hands on one.

xiaomi redmi 1s review

The Redmi 1s is in such high demand that after-market prices have inflated by ridiculous proportions.

At the Greenhills Tiangge, a friend of mine told me that a good 2nd-hand unit sells for around 6k while a brand new unit can go as high as P10,000. Ridiculous especially considering that the Redmi 1s is originally priced at just P5,000.

Funniest thing about that? People still snatch it up despite knowing how much more they are paying.

xiaomi redmi 1s
Why? Because the Redmi seriously outperforms other smartphones that are currently being sold in that price range. It looks stylish and expensive too!

where to buy cheap xiaomi redmi 1s philippines
Being an iOS user for several years now, I was a bit hesitant about switching to Android. It was extremely difficult for me to transition in the past because the controls were entirely different and confusing but Xiaomi's own operating system is very similar to my iPhone's.  The interface is neat, simple, straightforward and very user-friendly. I was well adjusted in just under an hour.

mi philippines
I used to be terrified of losing my iPhone or having it break down on me because of its extravagant price tag but after using a Xiaomi for several months, I can rest easy knowing that I can enjoy practically the same technology at just a small fraction of the price.

The Redmi allows a seamless smartphone experience for just very little. It hardly freezes or lags even with multiple programs running.

xiaomi redmi 1s philippines
It has a nice built and size (not too big, not too small). Watching videos on it is a surprising and awesome experience: the display is clear and crisp.

I have began to depend on it so much that I even chose it over my iPhone during trips to Singapore and Taiwan.

It can accommodate 2 regular sized sim cards which make it the more practical choice to take along. I don't have to worry about compatibility, finding a prepaid nano sim,etc. I can have my local Manila number + International sim in one phone:

Best thing I love about my Redmi? It takes really decent photos and videos even in poor, lowlight conditions. Quality of photos is something you would never expect from a 5k phone.

I took it for a test at Fashion Week where photo situations are really quite challenging and I was extremely satisfied with the results.

redmi smartphone
This was shot at the second floor of SMX where even my previous Canon DSLR had trouble capturing crisp photos (there's something about the lighting here that makes it really tricky :S) but my P5,000 Redmi was able to capture this:

xiaomi redmi hands on
Yes, quite grainy and washed out at this size, unedited but apply the right filters and it'll look right at home on Instagram.

Here's another photo I captured with my Redmi during the Uno de 50 fashion show:

xiaomi redmi 1s sample photo
Not bad right? Especially considering that it's an action shot taken in extremely poor lighting conditions. I didn't do any editing. Just cropped it to the size I normally use for blog posts. Looks good enough to me. 

Compare it with this shot I took using my Fujifilm XM1 camera:

fuji xm1 sample photo
Yes there's a difference but you need to consider that this phone only costs P5,000 and my Fuji is an actual camera that cost me around P30,000.

Here's the full-sized unedited version for your reference (click to enlarge):

xiaomi redmi 1s sample photo low light
Even more impressive is its ability to take good videos in low-light conditions:

The Xiaomi Redmi 1S is also great at taking flawless selfies.  In simple mode, the camera can tell your gender + age and will then apply the appropriate skin-smoothening filter. The phone does all the work for you, all you need to do is point, pose and shoot!

xiaomi redmi 1s selfie camera sample photo
Yes, I still look barefaced and like I just got up from bed (which I did, pambahay and all, no judging :P) but I think my skin looks really good. :D

The RedMi's camera also comes with several filters that you can preview and select in shooting mode:

xiaomi redmi 1s filters  sample photo
My favorite effect of all is the "BLUR" function which you can manually adjust so you can control where you want your "Bokeh" to appear for professional looking, DSLR prime lens photos:

xiaomi redmi 1s blur effect
And finally a "#NOFilter" + no edit photo shot indoors using natural light:

xiaomi redmi 1s sample photo instagram
Yes, very very happy with my Xiaomi's camera.
The Xiaomi Redmi 1s strengths and functions are perfect for my lifestyle and I love that it's soooo affordable too!

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Ana Vieira said…
this phone seems to be really amazing XXXXXXXX


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buchi said…
oooooh after reading your comparison to the iphone and a P30K-camera, I WANT ONE!! Either the Redmi or the Mi3. But they're always sold out on Lazada =( Another plus point, the Xiaomi phones have available casings in Lazada and (I think) Digital Walker -- not like other Android smartphones where your only choice is the Greenhills tiangge. And the service center is quite near where I live pa. In the meantime, I had to settle for an Asus Zenfone 5 pending availability of the Xiaomi phones which can take foreverrr.
sarahtirona said…
yea, yun nga biggest complain i heard, availability, try to make abang their flash sales nalang sa malls, they usually announce it on their fb page. good luck! :)
sarahtirona said…
it issss! :)