2015 hairstyle, makeup and nail trends

If what we've seen on the 2015 Spring Runways are true and accurate, then this year is all about low maintenance when it comes to hair and beauty. Think zero to barely there make-up and air-dried hair. (What? I've been doing that for years! Hahaha)

Anyway, for all of you who need a fresh start and a fresh guide to the hottest trends this season, read on. Here's a compilation of the hottest looks for Spring 2015.

No make up (yup! hooray? :P)

Golden Eyes (to match your jewelry):

Japanese/Sumo inspired buns

Low, messy ponytails:

Just Gloss, Bold Red/Berry or Bright Orange Lips

Nude/neutral/beige nails:

Or Geometric Patterns:

Undone + air-dried hair:

Thick, black eyeliner:

Bold, bohemian looking eyebrows:

Braids in all shapes and sizes:

Plum on lips/eyes:

There you go, hope you like! :)
ps. Don't go wearing everything at once. hahaha :P