2015's fashion must-haves (where to buy on sale)

I've done the research and scoured multiple sites + magazines so you don't have to. 

Happy to report that most of 2015's must-haves are classic, investment pieces that you can wear year after year...

Although it might be okay to spend on pieces such as these, it's always better, if you can shop and save at the same time.

Maximize the onset of this year's end of season sales with this shopping guide that tells you where to go and what to buy so you can complete this list with maximum savings and have a little extra left for that super impractical but gorgeous find you might stumble upon in the process. ;)

But first....

Striped Shirt | Evening Pants | Tuxedo Blazer | White Jeans | Menswear Flats | Sweaterdress | Classic Trench | Denim Dress | Moto Boots | Statement Skirt | Gladiator Sandals | Boho Tunic Blouse | Retro Polo | Tailored Shirtdress | Pendant Necklace | Colorful Suede Skirt | Carryall Bag | Utility Skirt

1. Striped Shirts - Because of their popularity, these hardly ever go on sale which I find fair cause striped shirts are one of my favorite go-to's when I can't decide what to wear. The trick here is finding something of good quality that fits well with a reasonable price tag.

Do check: 
  • Zara for casual striped tees at less than P1000. Make sure to try on all the colors cause for some weird reason, they have different fits.
  • Dorothy Perkins (about P500) or SM Store for a dressier version as seen HERE

2. Evening Pants -  Time to power dress, make sure it fits well. Just because it's cheap doesn't mean you have to buy it.

Do Check:
Suiteblanco and Penshoppe (about P500-P1000 on sale) for skinny textured versions (as seen in photo) or Warehouse for more tailored pieces (about P1500 on sale)

3. White Pants/Denim - I used to think these were impossible to find! My biggest pet peeve when shopping for white pants are visible pocket linings and panty lines (ugh!). The trick here is going up a size. If you're usually a 26, get a pair in a size 27 instead.

Do Check:
American Eagle Outfitters - these white boyfriend jeans only cost P1200 on sale!

4. Menswear Flats - Good options used to be so pricey but not anymore!

Do Check:

SM Parisian (about P500) each but hurry cause stocks are running out FAST!

5. Boho Tunic Blouse - you cannot live in a tropical country and not own one of these! :P

Do Check:

SFERA's end of season sale. They've sooooo many options/embroideries/cuts to choose from! Best yet, prices start at just P499 (for those on sale). Only paid P900 for this instead of P1999! 

6. Gladiator Sandals - these never really go out of style, especially the friendlier/more flattering ankle version. It's time you invest in a good pair made of genuine leather.

Do Check:

Steve Madden - got this pretty pair for only P1700 instead of P3k+++. It also comes in tan (but they didn't have my size anymore in Glorietta, try Shang or their many other branches)

7. Utility Skirt (Skort) - keyword utility. Something you will want to wear all the time in a practical shade that goes with almost anything in a simple utilitarian shape with a no-fuss feel.

Do Check: 
Stradivarius, I got mine last year before the sale but it was still reasonable at just P1290. Probably less than 1k on sale.

8. Colorful Suede Skirts - this year is all about Boho so you need to get yourself at least one.

Do Check:

Forever21 for genuine suede skirts that cost less than 1k on sale.

9. Chic Carry-All Tote - When it comes to bags, I prefer genuine leather for the simple reason that they last longer and don't break as easily in storage. Thankfully, you don't have to pay a designer's price for a quality bag these days.

Do Check:

Niqua Shop for affordable locally-made genuine leather bags (prices start at around P750).
Mango for synthetic leather totes in hard to resist designs (sale prices start at P999)

10. Single Pendant Necklace - I prefer to invest when it comes to this since I'm quite acidic. Fancy jewelry doesn't last much longer than a week on me plus I prefer to wear something on  my neck with meaning so I got a gold scapular necklace instead that I never take off (price starts at P15,000-P40,000 depending on weight and size). But if you're not ready to make such a big investment yet...

Do Check:
  • Greenhills - they sell a lot of Korean necklaces that don't fade for about P100 up. Difficult part here is finding a charm you like.
  • Forever 21 - Wide selection, stylish pendants and very cheap (start at P100) but quickly fade and blacken especially on acidic people like me
  • DIY - make your own with found objects in the home (ie. old broken bracelet with salvageable crystals/charms, buttons, vintage brooch from your grandma's jewelry box, etc). Attach with some wire and you're good to go.

11. Sweater Dress - if we lived in a colder climate, this wouldn't be as tricky but the weather here can get pretty humid even on cold days. I personally cannot endure an entire day covered purely in knit/wool. The key here is to find a sweater dress made of cotton that breathes.

Do Check:

H&M - this sweater dress I'm wearing only costs P900 at regular price, check to see if it's available in the sale but I'm pretty sure it is since it's part of their "basics" line.

12. Tuxedo Jacket - If you still don't have one in your closet, now's the time to get one. I have overused mine for years and to think I only got it for P500!

Do Check:

Forever 21 - they have a lot in different lengths and fabrics.

13. Retro Polo Shirt - this is making a big comeback this year. Pair with culottes, midi skirts, pencil skirts, etc.

Do Check:

Lacoste/Roxy - a bit pricier but they last a lifetime and don't fade so easily.
For a cheaper alternative, try the ladies wear section of your local department store. Maybe start with Hang Ten.

There you have it! Hope you find this useful. To make sure you keep yourself on track, write down a physical list of the things you need + where to go to and whip it out once you hit the mall to avoid overspending. :)


Tinsley said…
Thanks for the tip! checking out Dorothy Perkins then. :)
Abby said…
Great article! Definitely checking out the sales tomorrow. Do you have any idea as to where I can find really nice jeggings on sale? (Aside from Mango)
sarahtirona said…
thank you! Im not sure if they're on sale but they often have specials, try uniqlo. i really like their jeggings esp. the curduroy-ish variety :)
sarahtirona said…
you're welcome :)