babyliss miracurl - how to spot a fake (pro perfect curl)

I don't remember how or where I first came across the MiraCurl by Babyliss. I think I was searching for something else when I accidentally stumbled upon it. All I remember was that I was amazed and immediately sold.

I started searching online to look for a distributor. I couldn't find any but I did spot A LOT of fakes. Some were very convincing too! I almost bought one, good thing I decided to search more before clicking on the Paypal check out button.

The reason why I hesitated was because I knew from what I heard that it was pretty pricey (wasn't sure yet exactly how much then). Lazada had several for around P1500-P2000 and another one for P3500. I thought the P3500 was real, turns out, it's also a replica. I still don't understand why they choose to sell fake items, it's misleading and they're supposed to be a reputable seller. It also doesn't indicate on their site that it's not authentic. Also, I don't get the difference in prices. On eBay and OLX they're all pretty much priced the same (an average of P1500).

Can you believe how awful it would feel to spend P3500 on a fake hair curler? I wish BaByliss Philippines and Lazada would do something about that.

So anyway, like I said some are really convincing and I'd hate for you to accidentally damage your hair by making the wrong decision so I decided to write this post. 

I finally found out where to get one after checking the Babyliss Philippines Facebook page. From what I gathered, you can only purchase an authentic MiraCurl at Watsons, SM Dept. Stores and other dept stores that carry Babyliss.

I got mine at Watsons Megamall because it was still on promo there: only P8995 instead of P9995. (At the dept store they were selling it for P9995.)

They also offer 3-month zero interest installment payment for all BDO credit cards.

Now you know where to get one but just in case you spot the odd bargain online from "balikbayan/byahera sellers", here's how to check if it's legit or not...

1. The box should have a sturdy built: thick cardboard + precise printing.

2. It should come with a warranty card inside. All authentic Miracurl's have a 1 year warranty.

3. Packaged with egg crate carton:

4. It should also come with a curl chamber cleaning tool (that fork-like thing below)
5. Long, swivel, round cord with white writing on it (fakes dont have this)
6. 3-prong plug

7. It's pretty heavy and has a good weight to it, fake ones are light and don't feel as sturdy.
8. The print is small yet clear and precise

9. They only come in black here in Manila.
10. And lastly, the price. If it's too good to be true, it's best to skip, add a bit and get the real deal at the mall.

ps. I was really tempted to get a fake one at first just because they're so cheap and I found this pretty expensive but the thing is, with the way the machine works, I kinda got scared. The Curl Chamber sucks up your hair and does the curling automatically. If your hair gets caught with the real one, it automatically stops therefore preventing any damage. What if the fakes don't stop (suddenly malfunction and just continue to suck your hair in til it burns? I didn't want to risk it so I just closed my eyes and handed over my credit card. Thankfully, it's so worth the investment! Posting my first ever YouTube (tutorial + review) video tomorrow. Hope you like! :)


that's why even it's tempting to buy the cheap one, I tend not to order because it's scary. Thanks for this. Can't wait to see your vid=)
sarahtirona said…
yay! thankyou :)
Caren Salcedo said…
hi there thank you for your post, may I also ask where can I buy an authentic instyler rotatating iron?? thanks for the advice.