delsey innovations caravan launch

 Welcome to the Delsey Innovations Caravan! 
A 3 month long mall exhibition where you can check out Delsey's new products as well as its entire history of innovative luggage.

Did you know that Delsey was the first brand to come up with the trolley system on luggage? 
(Where would we be without those wheels???)

To celebrate the launch of its first leg in Shangri-la Mall's East Wing, Delsey decided to honor three contemporary Filipino Innovators who have championed developments and made significant improvements in their respective fields:

  1. Kenneth Cobonpue for his contributions to the field of design and architecture
  2. Brillante Mendoza, a champion of Filipino cinema 
  3. Maria Ressa, founder and president of Rappler (I love her she is so inspiring, she has a way of drawing you in with her brilliant ideas!)
I'm not playing favorites, they are all singularly amazing, I just can relate to Maria Ressa more because writer and (strong) woman. :P

So the Caravan...

Before you think boring, think again....

I personally love shopping for luggage almost as much as I love shopping for handbags. When you buy luggage, it also means a new trip + travel destination so what could be more exciting than that? :)

And lastly, you know what they say: "It's wise to invest in good luggage".
When traveling, your life is basically summed up by your bag and what's in it. The success or failure of your trip relies mostly on your baggage.

There's nothing like a broken zipper that decides to pop at the worst moment to ruin your entire trip. Not to mention things getting stolen from you for lack of safety features.

When shopping for luggage, what do you consider?
  • lightweight
  • has a lock
  • stylish
  • durable
That's pretty much it for me but Delsey's new collection goes way beyond those basics!

Delsey Chatalet
Delsey Wheel Brake System
These new bags are the first to feature a wheel brake system so your bag doesn't run away from you when you're at an incline without any free hands. Park your bag, lock and feel free to reach into your purse to call someone or scan a city map!

delsey chatalet
Delsey luggage
Delsey Luggage also feature a double-zip to make them tamper-free and almost impossible to break!

But my favorite of all and I think most important new innovation which should be made a standard for all...

YAY!!! Now no more awkward balancing on the weighing scale or having to bring those portable bag weighing things!

You can just go ahead and stuff your bag, pick it up, if it turns read, then it means your over 23kg (and you've shopped too much hehe)

The new designs include (my favorite) The Chatalet:

Made with 100% virgin BAYER Makrolon® polycarbonate and fine leather detailing. It's gorgeous with a vintage charm and yet at the same time, stunningly modern.

Comes in 3 sizes and colors:
  • Hand carry Size (55cm)-P 16,590
  • Medium Size (69cm)-P 18,590
  • Large Size (78cm)-P 21,590
delsey chatalet
There's also the more minimalistic yet equally beautiful Honore:

delsey honore
And for those who want to enjoy all these awesome innovations but prefer something a little more modest, the Montmarte is your best bet!

It's expandable (one reason why I might even chose it over the Chatalet) and costs reasonably and temptingly less at just P12,990 for the Hand carry Size (55cm) | Medium Size (65cm)-P14,990 | Large Size (65cm)-P15,990

Delsey Montmarte
And finally, all Delsey Bags come with a 10 year international warranty! If something goes wrong with your bag anywhere in the world, just pop into a Delsey shop and they'll fix or replace it for you for free! That's stress-free traveling for you!

Delsey is available in the Philippines at Delsey Paris Stores located in Ayala Cebu, Ayala Fairview Terraces, and SM City Davao

Also at The Travel Club, Flight001 and Leading department stores nationwide.

For more information: LIKE Delsey Philippines on Facebook ( and Instagram (@DelseyPH)