how to wear a coat in the tropics

Coats are a wonderful thing. They slim you down and make you feel all snuggly and secure. The only thing about coats is that they weren't exactly created for tropical weather.

I wouldn't suggest doing this in the heat of the summer unless you switch things around with a long, flimsy kimono but right now, with the cold winds of Siberia still coming in, you can actually get away with the look without sweating buckets. 

The key is to finding a cut you like in a lightweight material with no lining. 

Truth is, it's just like an elongated blazer. Everyone wears blazers right? So don't be afraid to try this longer version. 

To further keep yourself cool, wear something breezy inside like a sleeveless cami (those with back slits are a plus! :P) and pair with shorts, skorts or a mini skirt.

I get cold easily so I can even wear mine with pants when I go to the mall, especially the chillier ones like the new wing of Shangrila.

gray coat street style

And if you're wondering why I choose the "doctor's coat/ lab coat" silhouette, aside from really liking it, a friend who works in a local fashion magazine told me that it's the new cut du joúr for the Koreans as she witnessed while spending Fashion Week there. In Korea and other places abroad, they really go crazy with it, some even go so far as to buying a real lab coat and painting it with all sorts of graphics and graffiti. She showed me a few and it looked pretty cool. :)

gray nike roshe street style
stradivarius coat | romwe skorts | nike roshe run

photos by Dennis