ootd + the young crowd

 So totally off-topic, did anyone feel the earthquake last night???

I just finished having drinks with Dennis and was about to get ready to sleep when he suddenly asked me if I was shaking the bed. As soon as he said that, I felt it. We live in a condo so we always feel slight tremors every now and then but this is by far the strongest I've ever felt since 1991.

Thankfully, it was quick and I don't think it caused any serious damage....

Speaking of 1991...

As I was going through my Twitter feed after the quick quake, I realized that I hang out a lot with the younger crowd. I came across soooo manyyyy (too many) tweets along the lines of "omg, earthquake #firsttimer". 

What the heyyyyy! So it just occurred to me that they weren't alive yet when I was already busy trying to come of age. Ugh. #FriendshipOver. Hahaha

Anyway, glad everyone's safe and I hope that's the last of it.

About this #OOTD, it's old. It was shot at the BenCab Museum in Baguio when we visited last year. Funnily enough, I forgot to post which is a shame since this is one of my favorite looks from last year.

You know what they say, you need to look back in order to move on. meh. hehe. 

So here you go:

military parka street style

sweater dress street style
chuck taylor street style
romwe military parka | h&m dress | chucks | topshop plaid shirt | zara bag

photos by anagonzales.com