where to buy cheap designer handbags

Designer Bags are a girls best friend next to diamonds. Even if I am a self-confessed "shoeholic", I would still rather invest more money on a bag rather than a pair of shoes for the simple reason that they last longer and if I tire of them, I can still pretty much sell them for a premium as long as they're still in good condition.

I'm not even going to try and justify the reasons behind spending several month's salaries worth on something that just functions as a hold-all and arm candy. If you're not into it, you just wouldn't understand. Men especially. It's just a secret among like-minded women. :P

If it's your first time to purchase and you're trying to justify it as an investment, sorry to burst your bubble but no, that ship has gone and sailed unless you have a trained eye to spot the "next big thing". Case in point: the Celine luggage series which has almost doubled in price since its first release.

But investing in designer bags as something to re-sell takes all the fun out of owning one unless you do it "professionally". If you're looking to fetch a premium price later on, you need to be extra careful of scratches, discolorations and the like.

I can't imagine going out daily and having to worry about where I set my bag.

They're pricey but they're there to use, abuse and love which is why it it most important to be 100% in love with it before you make your big purchase,

Having said all that, here's how you can score a good deal on a designer bag.

For US brands like Coach and Kate Spade, you can get them at 70% off or more at outlets or online.

When buying European brands such as Prada, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, etc, it's cheaper to purchase in Europe: Rome, Paris, etc.

Or you can catch a sale in Hong Kong if you want the entire "boutique experience".

If you don't really care about getting it in a store, your best bet would be to buy online. That's my favorite method. Instagram to be specific. There are certain legit accounts that buy abroad and sell them really cheap. Think P10,000-P20,000 off the store price, sometimes, even more.

Just be careful as there are many who try to pass of Class A replicas as legit and these are really, really difficult to tell apart from the authentic.

To look for sellers in Instagram: 

Try searching for these hashtags: #givenchyph (or add the code for your country) #onlinebagseller #designerbagsph #celinebagph etc. You get the drift...
Also, you can search for usernames with these words: (most of them have names that contain luxe, bag, designer bag, posh, chic, etc)

BEFORE YOU MAKE YOUR PURCHASE: RESEARCH! Check the sellers account, check other accounts, how many followers, feedback if any. Try to schedule a meet-up rather than have your bag shipped to you as a precaution to avoid getting ripped off. If meeting up is not an option, ask for detailed photos of the bag to make sure that what you plan to buy is on-hand and ready to ship. Lastly, a lot of these online sellers have small, physical boutiques where you can check the bags before buying them.

If you don't mind a little wear and tear, why not consider buying 2nd hand? With less than P20k, you'll be able to purchase a monogram Louis Vuitton in good condition.

Where to buy 2nd hand? There's lots of options nowadays. You can try foreign sites such as Yoogi's Closet or Shop Hers. Locally, there's BagAHolic (which I find overpriced but they carry a lot of options), there's also Michka (fewer options but better quality and price points. They also sell brand new). Or you can try visiting those designer bag cleaners/restoration services like Doctor Leather. They usually sell some 2nd hand and brand new bags. And of course, my favorite: Instagram, just search the same hashtags I mentioned above. A lot of the sellers have brand new and 2nd hand bags in stock. Or you can also try searching for #preloveddesignerbagsph :))

Just always remember, if it's too cheap and sounds too good to be true, then it probably is. Check current market prices of your desired bag as well so you have a rough bench-point mark to compare.

There you go, hope you find this helpful. Enjoy!!! :)


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leilani said…
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