white on white ensemble = top picks + topics

Happy Sunday folks! 
Here's a simple outfit that most body types can pull off. It's comfortable, affordable yet still chic and bang on trend.

Minimalism will always be one of my favorite looks. Pretty timeless since there's not much really to criticize?! Unless maybe you encounter a color fanatic? But ten years from now, when you look back at old photos, you're still most probably gonna look decent. 

Breaking down the outfit:

Not counting the bag, this entire head to toe ensemble cost me only 2k!
top - don't exactly remember how much cause I got it sometime ago at SM Dept Store but guaranteed not more than P500.
white boyfriend jeans - bought on sale at American Eagle for P1200
mandals - P500 at SM Parisian

Total cost of this look: Roughly around P2200/$50 or less.

And lastly, sorry if the photos are a bit pixelated today, had to crop crop crop! :P

white boyfriend jeans street style

hermes herbag street style
Oh and before I forget!!! Almost did! About my blog post title: Just wondering what you guys want me to write about? Is there anything particularly interesting to you that you might want me to tackle? Will really appreciate the input! Thank you :)

photos by Dennis Sy

sm dept store cami | american eagle white boyfriend jeans | sm parisian mandals | lacoste watch