black, white and panda

 During our recent trip to Sky Ranch in Tagaytay to sample Kenny Rogers new offerings (see here), I came across these Panda snapbacks at a random souvenir store...

snapback women street style
Surrounded by rides, trains and carousels, I couldn't help but feel like a kid and a legit tourist. That's what made me purchase one. :P I had the excuse of gifting it to my daughter after our trip.

And that's how this #ootd turned into something "Kawaii-ish". Hahaha

I wasn't planning on including it in my outfit photos but all my friends told me to go for it: When else am I gonna wear it? Hmmm today? While video recording on my Sing It! app? Seriously, I'm probably not gonna wear it again and what a waste of my P220 so here. :P

adidas superstar street style
adidas superstar street style
So what you think? Better with or without the hat?!

black coat street style
celine nano philippines
adidas superstar80s street style
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sarah tirona said…
bili naaaa!!! hahaha! so when's our shopping trip gonna be? :P
The shoesssss! I love it!

sarah tirona said…
bili na tita!!!! hahahaha ok pang field trip w the kids :P
Maan Laxa said…
I don't think it's a waste; I'm gonna buy that, too, kung meron if I find myself in Skyranch haha - so cute kasi. Love your shoes, too!
Sherlane Fortunado said…
Better with the hat because it's so cuteeee :-)
sarah tirona said…
hahahaha, thank you :P xoxo
Belle Willz said…
You're so bubbly! I love that hat and I need it in my life omg!

Belle x
MacyMichelle said…
Cute mommy having fun! Thanks for sharing.-MacySantos
sarah tirona said…
hahaha thank you! :) pmt. hahaha
tgf said…
You sure had a lot of fun with that hat. With or without it, you look gorgeous! -- Maria Teresa Figuerres
sarah tirona said…
i did! hahaha, thank you :)