andmesh iphone6 case review

Most cases I've encountered are designed in the US, Australia, etc. but all end up getting made in China.

Nothing personal against China but they aren't exactly known for quality and durability.

The opposite is believed of anything Japanese made.

 The Japanese are well-known for being perfectionists.

Maybe it's the Samurai mentality in them that won't allow them to settle for anything mediocre, maybe not. But whatever it is, it definitely makes Japanese-made products highly regarded worldwide.

When a product label reads "Made In Japan", it instantly tells us that what we are about to purchase is something that will last us a very long time.

Durability is the first thing that comes to mind. 

It's also the first thing I look for in an iPhone case because that's the initial reason why I purchase a case anyway: to protect it.

While reviewing this AndMesh case, an odd realization came to me...

The AndMesh comes in packaging that allows you to experience the case before buying it. It's not all covered up in layers of protective packaging.

My realization: Why does a case created to protect need protection??? 


Maybe it might be because the manufacturer doesn't want it scratched, torn, discolored or bent by curious consumers.
Could also be something else, I don't know...

But the people behind AndMesh believe so much in the technology put into building their cases that they can rest easy despite it being totally exposed to thousands of probing hands.

In fact, they encourage you to touch and test it.


AndMesh cases are designed and 100% made in Japan with a special elastomer material that will not tear, split, crack or deform even after long use.

Resilient and yet it is also pliable enough to make it quite easy to take on and off your (precious) iPhone without scratching it or applying too much tension to the buttons.

Elastomers are often used in the production of tool grips and tough watches because of its dirt and shockproof qualities.

Me, I love how it doesn't add much bulk to the sleek design of my iPhone6. It also feels good in my hands.

Although not too thick, the bumpers are sufficient enough to keep the surface of my phone protected. It also has a snug fit and maintains tackiness of the buttons.

I also don't have to worry about discoloration since the color is mixed into the material itself and not merely painted on. Yellowing is also not an issue since they are infused with an "invisible" amount of blue to counter this common problem experienced in most rubberized cases.

But more than anything,  I am happy that I've finally found a case that is both cute and durable. :P

 I usually have to sacrifice style for function but with the AndMesh, I can enjoy the best of both worlds.

It also looks better with most of my outfits! (And makes for more stylish mirror selfies) :P Hahaha

The AndMesh is the perfect solution for people who prefer a fun look for their phone without sacrificing protection so much.

Check out AndMesh and its many colors at all Digital Walker and Beyond The Box boutiques nationwide.

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You're right about the "Made in Japan" :)
Design is so nice. Where can I buy one?
PS: I am a fan of China made cases for the ff reasons: 1. Cheap 2. Fun designs. hahaha!
Anna Plaida said…
I love the color :-) I think made in Japan is okay than made in China
Maan Laxa said…
The color matched your items perfectly! Very nice. You're right; Japanese products are usually more trustworthy.
I always love non-bulky and thin cases!
sarah tirona said…
i prefer thick, industriallooking ones but this is an exception :)
sarah tirona said…
hahaha yup, cute no? :P
sarah tirona said…
true, im just scared na my phone wont be protected from drops. beyond the box and digital walker have this :)
Marie San Luis said…
Cases that are thin and non-bulky are hard to find! And this case looks amazing! It surely prettifies your phone. :)
Gwynna said…
Wow, amazing product design and material. Whatever the cost is, it's probably worth it. :)