enjoy japan with tricia gosingtian

Last February 7, 2015 was the Enjoy Japan with Tricia Gosingtian event at R Space, Makati. Japan is on my next visit list so I made the trek despite the distance.

Also, they were holding a raffle for a free trip to Japan to one lucky attendee! 
Not a lot were invited so I had my fingers, toes and eyes crossed.

enjoy japan with tricia gosingtian
Despite almost stumbling from all those crosses (heh.), I still didn't win. (boo)
But visiting Japan is still a high priority for me in the near future especially after learning more about the country.

enjoy japan event
The Enjoy Japan event was held to promote its Facebook page: Enjoy Japan.PH, Jalan Japan Inc., Tricia Gosingtian, Lakbay Japan of ABS-CBN, Jeepney TV and basically everything else that is Japanese in nature like "Kawaii" stuff and fashion.

Speaking of fashion, Japacolle was there to sponsor a fashion show featuring wigs by Star Rich and clothes by Wanchechou, Lil Nina and Denim Closet:

I really liked this denim Kimono.

jeepney tv
There was also a mini bazaar where you could avail of super affordable travel tours to Osaka, Tokyo and Kyoto and several booths selling Japanese products from Riakkuma pens to jewelry.

affordable japan travel packages
But the real celebration was for Jeepney TV and Lakbay Japan which will be launching a variety of popular Japanese shows dubbed in Filipino with no commercial break. Enjoy Japanese dramas on primetime during weekdays and variety shows on weekends.

For full schedule and more info, pls visit their Facebook pages here:


animetric said…
Wow, those Japan travel packages seem so cheap! Sayang. Sobrang hate ko kasi ang R Space kaya di ako pumunta lol.
sarah tirona said…
ako din hate ko pero i went kse hoping i would win the trip pero hindi. hahahahaha
hjkghjkghjkdgh said…
I would really love to have my own DW watch! they are so sophisticated and classy!

the problem is I don't know where to get them in our country not so sure if they are available in a mall website leezeer coupons coupon deal
Ruth Alfonso Alarcon said…
Japan is on my bucket list too! Waaah! Sana! Hehe! Daming cute stuff! :)

Hope you had a great time! Thanks for sharing!
Jem Alvarado said…
This is cool! My husband would really love to travel to Japan with our family. We like Japan stuff - very smart and helpful!
yvonnembertoldo . said…
Japan.. Hopefully we could visit this amazing place very soon :)
Unknown said…
Japan is in my bucket list! I hope they would lift visa requirements soon.
Arge Roque-Valencia said…
I'd love to go back to Japan :) I just hope that the JP government would really implement the plan to exempt Filipinos from getting a tourist visa in order for us to visit their country.
Maan Laxa said…
Oooh ang affordable nga ng travel packages! I wanna visit Japan!
sarah tirona said…
true so we can just book anytime like hk! :)
sarah tirona said…
me too! hoping this year :)
tgf said…
Visiting Japan is also in our family's travel bucket list. I hope that trip will happen very soon. -- Maria Teresa Figuerres
mommy kris said…
Japan is one of the places I want to visit with my hubby and my son because of sakura cherry blossom and of course the authentic Japanese food! =)
Ayi Dela Cruz said…
I haven't been to Japan because of their visa requirements. Good thing they made it easier for Filipinos to go there. I wanna visit Japan too :)
sarah tirona said…
yes, hopefully this year!!! :)
Mamanee said…
I sooo love Japan! Especially when it was featured in ANTM.
That's our next country to visit with the family in the next years!