globe hooq: movie streaming service for only 199/month!

 First there was Spotify and now Hooq!

A true innovator in the industry, Globe celebrated their latest partnership with HOOQ last night at the Green Sun hotel.

I didn't know what to expect at first but the more I found out, the more I found myself getting "hooq-ed".

If you're a movie/series buff like me, then YOU WILL LOVE HOOQ!
HOOQ is Asia's answer to NetFlix.

Even better? It will only cost you P199 to subscribe for an entire month!

That means access to over 10,000 movies from partner studios such as ABS-CBN, GMA, Viva, Regal Films, Sony Pictures, and Warner Bros.

Imagine being able to watch Spider-man, Harry Potter, My Husband's Lover anytime, anywhere on your mobile device!

Want to save for later? Sure! Your P199 subscription also allows you to download any movie/series you want to watch at a later time.

Exciting stuff right? :)

HOOQ is coming VERY SOON to all Globe Subscribers!
Expect super affordable bundles with GoSurf and Tattoo.
None Globe subscribers will also be able to avail of HOOQ but for a different fee.

I am SUPER excited for this and can't wait for the official launch!

To find out more you may visit: or


May De Jesus-Palacpac said…
Awww I'm not a Globe subscriber. We used to be, back when we were in the South, and we were satisfied with their service. We would've subscribed to this.
sarah tirona said…
non globe subscribers can avail of the service too, slightly higher rates lang :)
nicole Paler said…
I think this is gonna be one of the best services yet from globe! Can't wait :D
Aci Girl said…
yay bet ko toh! specially now na hinahabol ko mga shows na di ko natapos before
Nilyn EC Matugas said…
This sounds like a good offer. Sana walang mga hidden charges. hehe.
Jen Santos said…
Just became a Globe subscriber recently so I got excited with this! Will definitely watch out for this.
macdimayuga said…
Thanks for sharing about this. Sayang we're not globe, but this is a great deal for streaming!
This is nice for movie and series lovers! Quite affordable too!
Joyful Mess said…
I heard about this last week and got jealous of Globe subscribers. Good thing it's also available for everyone else!
Ayi Dela Cruz said…
I've been a Globe user since highschool days :) I love this service from them. I just hope lang no hidden charges :(
First time I've heard of HOOQ! It's quite affordable huh.
sarah tirona said…
yup couldnt believe 199lang :)
yvonnembertoldo . said…
Wow, this sounds amazing. You can actually download series and movies for free? Cool ^^ said…
I'm enjoying my Spotify membership and this sounds equally interesting and nice! How I wish it's not only for mobile devices as I hate watching using my mobile phones. I still prefer watching with larger screens :)
sarah tirona said…
smart tv! :) or there are devices now that allow you to stream from your mobile to tv :)