paco rabanne lady million eau my gold!: taste the scent?

Taste the scent? 
That's definitely something new and something I've never done before but that's exactly what Paco Rabanne wanted for their latest scent, Lady Million Eau My Gold!

Tasting the fragrance really adds dimension and makes it a multi-sensory experience instead of just taking a whiff. It really helped me "understand" the scent more and realize why and for what it was created.

paco rabanne pop up rockwell

The Paco Rabanne pop up is located at the ground floor of Rockwell's Power Plant mall, right in front of ZARA. It's pretty hard to miss.

paco rabanne lady million
There was a special cocktail mix pre-prepared by the brand mixed with some San Pellegrino and divided into shots.

summer cocktail recipe
I was given a quiz card and asked to guess 2 ingredients used in the perfume. 

Given my culinary background, I'm pretty good at these games (eh di wow. haha) and got both correct: Grapefruit + Mango. There was a third I couldn't figure out: Orange Flower (which is understandable because I've never encountered it before.)

But that's okay, since I got 2 right, I was given a prize, a pretty Paco Rabanne bracelt in gold + leather.

But the true prize was getting to try that delicious cocktail! 
It tasted like summer in a cup and I can just imagine it mixed with vodka for hot days lounging by the pool or beach side.

paco rabanne lady million eau my gold
Just like the cocktail, Lady Million Eau My Gold! is also pretty refreshing. Not too heady or floral but strong enough to wear to a fancy date or dinner especially during the summer months because of its fruity undertones.

A true premium perfume, a couple of spritzes go a long way and are just the thing you need to complete your outfit. I can imagine wearing this scent along with a pretty white dress and barely there make-up.

It also has fantastic staying power: wear today, put dirty clothes in hamper, take out a couple days later to launder and you still get a whiff of this perfume.

It lingers and makes you want more.

paco rabanne lady million eau my gold
If you're in the market for a new signature scent, Paco Rabanne's Lady Million Eau My Gold! is a pretty good option.

Check out the pop-up at Rockwell today (last day to get a free gift) or visit the Paco Rabanne counter at all leading department stores to experience this new scent.

For more info, you can also check out Prestige Brands on Facebook