kenny rogers brings back their garlic butter chicken

sky ranch tagaytay
If there was one thing you could bring back from last year, what would it be?

sky ranch tagaytay restaurants
For the guys at Kenny Rogers, the answer was clear: GARLIC BUTTER CHICKEN.

kenny rogers garlic butter chicken
Of all limited release variations on roast chicken they had last year, this recipe sold the most which doesn't really surprise me because pretty much anything you smother with garlic will taste good. Add a generous dose of butter and you have yourself a masterpiece!

sky ranch tagaytay
Travel and Food are some of my most favorite past times so I was really excited when I got an invite to "re-try" this revival at Kenny Rogers in Sky Ranch Tagaytay. It was also going to be my first time there.

Truth be told? I enjoyed the food more than the actual park (cause I'm not really a fan of rides. They make me queasy.)

Lunch was a whole different story though. :P

atekenny rogers menu
My Garlic Butter Chicken Plate (P235) was one of the best "semi-fastfood" meals I have ever had. I thought only lemon could get rid of that fishy, chicken taste but a hefty amount of garlic does the job just as well. The result is ultra savory with a slightly sweet undertone from (I'm guessing) caramelized garlic in the marinade. It was juicy, tender and cooked just right. I had to cheat a little and eat some of the skin cause it was just packed with delicious flavor I couldn't resist!

For 4 pax, you can also save and order their Group Meal - only P770.
In other news...

My Spanish Chorizo Pasta side was also noteworthy. I never order this but after trying it, it could possibly be my new favorite side dish. Definitely trumps my old favorite mac n cheese!

kenny rogers garlic butter chicken quesadilla
For a lighter meal, also try the Garlic Butter Chicken Quesadillas and Burritos. Only P100/order. Servings are generous and very, very tasty and cheesy. Just the way I like it.

sky ranch tagaytay entrance fee
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MacyMichelle said…
This is a must try. Thanks for sharing. -Macy Santos
Aleigna Lin said…
Quesadillas!!! Yum! I've been craving for that for two days now. Your blogpost is my sign. I guess it's high time I had me some quesadillas. :p
Paulline @ milastolemyheart said…
My favorite! We had this for my daughter's 1st birthday past Kenny's last year. It was a hit.
Rose Angelie said…
I'll definitely try that Garlic Butter Chicken, hopefully this weekend.
Nilyn EC Matugas said…
I should not be blog hopping right now, specially that I'm hungry! These photos make my mouth water! lol!
sarah tirona said…
hahaha, your post made my mouth water too :)
sarah tirona said…
let me know what you think! :)
Triple Joys said…
Love Kenny's chickens! I just hope they do bring back their spicy version too! :)
Balot said…
Their roast chicken are sometimes bland but I'll take your word on it and will try this :D
I love quesadillas but yes, I want to give the Garlic Butter Chicken a try.