soundfreaq pocket kick speaker unboxing

You know it's a good speaker when it's crafted by music lovers....

Someone who breathes music will know exactly what we want before we even know it.

Cool design features that don't only look good but are functional as well.

The new Pocket Kick is the latest portable bluetooth speaker by Soundfreaq© and it is one good-looking kid:

Keen attention to detail begins with the box which is affectionately riddled with attractive typography that tells you to relax and enjoy the music!♥ 

Little details  that really show you how fond its creators are about their product:

The speaker itself is sleek and stylish yet easy to grip because of a rubberized strip that also does an awesome job of keeping it stable on different surfaces.

It also includes a detachable carrying strap that makes carrying it around a lot more convenient since you can just slip it on your wrist and use your hands for something else. OR - You can also use it to hang it up to a tree branch or hook while outdoors so your speakers don't get dirty.
Size-wise, it's roughly the same length and width as an iPhone6...speaking of iPhone's, the Pocket Kick also comes in 3 colors to match those of the iPhone's space gray, silver and gold.

Aside from the carrying cord, it also comes with a jack which allows you to use your speaker via bluetooth or the more conventional way of physically attaching it to your device - aside from its sound, this is probably my most favorite feature of these speakers because it allows me to use it with my iPod classic which contains most of my music.

Some other features I love are:

  • Quickly and easily connects via Bluetooth
  • Built-in microphone for answering calls (awesome for conferences)
  • Fits in my pocket or small purse
  • Sturdy built
  • Long battery life - up to 10 hours via line in jack, 7 hours via Bluetooth
For more, check out this video I made of my Unboxing☺:

The Pocket Kick by SoundFreaq is distributed in the Philippines by Digits Trading and retails for only P4550.

You can buy it at these stores: Astroplus, Astrovision, Beyond the Box, BZB Gadget Hive, Digital Arena, Digital Hub, Digital Walker, District 32, E-Central, iCenter, iStore, iStudio, JMB Albay Gadgets, Liteware, Mobile 1, PowerHub, Switch, Technoholics, TechSavvy and The A. Shop.

for more cool gadgets, check out Digits Trading on Facebook

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Hands on, demo and comparison video, stay tuned!!! ≧◠◡◠≦


animetric said…
Love the size, parang remote control lang!
sarah tirona said…
hahaha yea! iba na talaga now, you can get good sound from small speakers :)
Kim Reyes said…
This is something my husband will want! It's perfect timing that you shared this now, I'm looking for a nice V-day gift for him. Nakakaguilty since he bought a gift for me. Haha!
sarah tirona said…
hahaha ako rin, wala pa gift for my husband :P any suggestions? :P
Kim Reyes said…
It depends on what he enjoys eh. :) My husband is currently redesigning his office, but he can't put huge speakers since space is limited so this is perfect for him.
sarah tirona said…
guys are so HARD to gift talaga! biggest problem each holiday :P
Jacq Paraguya said…
Wow this is perfect for people on-the-go. Will show this to my hubby. :) GB!
Nice review! :) for sure magustuhan ito ng husband ko! Pwedeng pang post valentines day gift .hehe
sarah tirona said…
thanks :) :) hope he likes it!
Mecheel Casenas said…
Wow! Gusto ko to! Handy since summertime na, beachtime!!! Mahanap nga to.. :)
Unknown said…
I think this would look funky and fem in pink.
Joyful Mess said…
This looks like a really cool and nifty gadget! I agree that this is the perfect gift for men. And ang cute ng box :D
This is sooo cool! I'll save so I can get myself one! :-)
Thanks for sharing this sleek speaker! Great review!
reigningstill said…
Woow! It looks and sounds awesome. :)
emiliana said…
This bluetooth speaker by Soundfreaq is just what I need for out-of-town trips!