tech21 iphone 6 case

The first thing I looked for after getting my iPhone6 was a case.

It was large and really smooth that it kept slipping from my hands. I wanted a protective case that would not hide the awesome new design features of my phone.

I knew there was always Tech21 but the reason why I didn't settle right away was because...

tech21 iphone6
All the gadgets I own are housed in Tech21 cases! Hahaha!
I wanted something new...

tech21 cases
So I searched, searched, searched and ended up with:

tech21 iphone case
Yes, another Tech21 case. :P

I guess it's true that you can never have enough of a good thing.

tech21 philippines
The thing I love most about Tech 21's cases is that my gadgets feel really safe in them. They provide a snug fit and yet aren't difficult to take off at all. It's really scary sometimes when you try to change your case and it feels like your gadget will crack or get scratched in the process. These slip on and off effortlessly.

tech21 price
I also love its minimalist design. Nothing too fancy that I might easily get tired of + if I decide that I want something a little more decorated, I can just insert photos in the back! Bam! Personalized case in a minute.

tech21 iphone6 case review
They're lightweight and don't add much bulk to my phone. Buttons are easily accessible and tacky so I still get a nice iPhone experience despite having a housing.

tech21 impactology
 And finally: Impactology
The fact that I know all drops are absorbed by their signature D30 Material helps me rest easy and not worry so much about accidents (which are pretty frequent since I have a dog and daughter :P).

digits trading
 Like what you see? Check out Tech21 at all Digital Walker and Beyond The Box boutiques nationwide.

Tech21 is distributed in the Philippines by Digits Trading. For more info LIKE them on Facebook and Instagram @DigitsTrading


nicole Paler said…
OOhhhh... I love the sleek design that Tech21 offers! HM ang price range nila? :)
Anna Plaida said…
Nice :-) will my ask sister to get this one, she just got her new iphone 6
Nicole said…
Good review! I have to convince my dad to get this case for his iPhone, he tends to get clumsy with his phones.
Ruth Alfonso Alarcon said…
Hahaha! Nothing beats Tech21! Simple lang ang design but so elegant. ♥
sarah tirona said…
yea, all time favorite. medyo crushing din on ballistic jewel in clear :P
sarah tirona said…
thank you, i think this is a great option for men too! :)
sarah tirona said…
nice, what color did she get? :) looks really awesome w the space grey!
This would be perfect for my brother! His Iphone case is so darn bulky he hates it! Thanks for sharing!
Balot said…
nice review!

great shoot on phone with shoes and ground as background :)
Ayi Dela Cruz said…
Looks nice. I am actually looking for the perfect case for the iPad since my girls use it and often drop it when they're in there topak mode :))
sarah tirona said…
hahahaha same here, kakapraning sometimes.
patty villegas said…
I got the same dilemma. My iPhone keeps on slipping most of the time. Thanks to this review, I know what I'm gonna get asap. :)