boho 70s in filip+inna for bayo

You know how most "clean up your closet" guides tell you to get rid of anything you haven worn in 6 months or so? Before you start throwing things out, STOP!

If I followed that to a tee then I wouldn't have this Filip+Inna for Bayo jacket in my possession anymore. (And that would be a total tragedy! hahaha) But yes, seriously.

Of all local designer collaborations done, I personally feel that this is the most important.
70s boho in filip+inna
filip inna x bayo jacket

Filip+Inna's mission is to preserve and bring highlight to the exquisite weaves of our local tribes. That and the fact that her pieces are quite expensive and pretty hard to come by are some of the main reasons why I am never letting go of this jacket.

I first bought this during the launch held 2 years ago and it stayed in my closet with tags and everything until a couple of days ago when I finally found the inspiration to wear it to the Vaseline #SeizeTheSummer event.

I still can't believe it took me close to 2 years! 

That's the great thing about pieces like this, wear them today, yesterday or 20 years from now and they're still gonna look good.
70s inspired fashion 2015
70s boho street style fashion eggplant

For fairly new readers, did you know that I always used to dress boho in my early outfit posts? 
I used to love it (I actually still do, just need to slowly ease myself back into it again). I just stopped when I had a salon nightmare and had to chop all of my hair of. After that, I started experimenting with wild colors: blue hair, pink hair, purple hair, etc. I don't know what I was thinking but I'm glad I tried it and finally got it out of my system!

70s inspired street style 2015
70s fashion ootd
More about the outfit...

Remember how I wore this dress the first time and just explained how else I would do it in this POST?

This is it. ☺ 

Still can't believe how a P350 dress can be so versatile...just like what Kitchie Nadal's friend said: "Sometimes it's about the woman, not the dress." Hahahahaha (naks lang :P)
filip + inna street style
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filip + inna X bayo jacket
niqua bag
filip+inna for bayo street style
70s inspired fashion 2015 street style
tboli weave jacket
filip+inna for bayo

filip+inna for bayo kimono | paradise treats dress (IG:@paradise treats) | topshop wide-leg denim pants | NiQua manico bag | zara sandals | vintage belt

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Maan Laxa said…
Love the outfit! Talagang you shouldn't have thrown it away. I need to remember this the next time I get another urge to purge!
looks good on you! :)
Kim Reyes said…
I love the whole look! Unfortunately, I don't think I can ever pull off something like this. I am so bad at matching pieces, which is why I usually go for classic looks.
sarah tirona said…
i am also a big neutrals fan but since the weather getting warmer, i thought what the heck, lets experiment! :P hahaha
sarah tirona said…
thank you so much :)
sarah tirona said…
yea, i have sooo many regrets! :/
macdimayuga said…
I love the blazer :) I'm such a troll, I didn't know Bayo had this collection, I hope they still have it! I want one too :) thanks for sharing!
Balot said…
extraordinarily beautiful!
Naks naman! I love the outfit- jacket, dress everything!

liz said…
great outfit... wish i could pull off wearing that :D
sarah tirona said…
maybe you could do something similar but more up your alley? something within your comfort zone? :)
sarah tirona said…
hahaha, this was years ago, none na ata unless you can find used,let me know, i regret not buying more. :(
Jen Santos said…
I love the jacket! Especially the boho detail at the back!