browhaus hd mascara review

If you're looking for a mascara that you can swim and workout in without looking like a panda afterwards, this is it!

The new HD Mascara by Browhaus is by far the most hardworking mascara I've ever met.

hd mascara by browhaus review

It retails for P998, a bit much, yes. BUT it outperforms a lot of the other premium mascaras I've tried + it's safe and gentle enough to use on pregnant women and those with ultra-sensitive skin.

Aside from that, it's also waterproof, clump-free, and extremely long-lasting (as you will later see).

browhaus hd mascara review
My only problem with this is the wand. I have really short lashes and this wand is pretty big with practically the same width through and through which makes it a bit messier for me to use and apply.

However, after using it a few times, it gets easier and I eventually got used to it. Still, I would've preferred a curved brush.

But if you have medium-long lashes, I don't see this being a problem at all. Mine are just freakishly short :(

And anyway, I am no expert so maybe this type of brush is really the best shape for this kind of formula. :P It does a fabulous job for creating long, natural-looking lashes.

browhaus hd mascara
It's able to double the length of my lashes!!! (happy dance)
And what I really, really, really, really, really LOVE about it is how lightweight it feels even after applying several coats.It's so lightweight that it's able to hold your curl for up to 2 days even after washing your face and not doing a very good job of applying makeup remover! (haha)

browhaus mascara
I discovered this while taking pictures for this review. I wanted to take comparison shots of one eye with mascara and the other without. I probably took a hundred photos because I couldn't tell the difference with my viewfinder. Once I uploaded the photos, I realized it was because some of the mascara I applied on the day before was still there and it still looked pretty awesome.

My lashes still looked twice its length + it was still curled!

Amazeballs really. 

And as you can see, there isn't a trace of smearing on my under eyes.

So yes, bring on the sweat, water, soap, what have you and expect to still have great-looking lashes hours after application.

If you're an emotional bride, this is the mascara to use on your special day. :P
browhaus hd mascara when worn
I also think it's great how it gives you total control of the look you want to achieve. For longer, natural looking lashes like what I have on in the photos, just apply one coat. For more volume, just apply another coat (or until you achieve the amount of volume you want.)

This is what it looks like after washing my face:

browhaus mascara
After washing my face 3x:

browhaus philippines
The morning after:

This mascara left me speechless.  I absolutely love it and will definitely purchase again.

The HD Mascara by Browhaus is available at these branches: Greenbelt 5, Serendra, SM Megamall and Lucky Chinatown Mall


Vance Madrid said…
Wow! This one's pretty interesting. Long lasting curly lashes can be yours with this hd browhaus mascara. will try to buy one soon. thanks for sharing your review.
Amethystine said…
Made your lashes thicker and wow, they last for days! :)
macdimayuga said…
Haha, I can relate to the "looking like a panda" :D glad this one is nice. Will check it out :)
Will check this out! May gamit ako na mascara and super okay din sya. I find it pricey para sa isang mascara, pero mukhang okay na okay talaga sya. yung mascara na gamit ko kasi ngayon, 100 plu slang. heheh
Millie Manahan said…
Anything mascara, Sarah, I love! I really invest in mascaras because manipis lang lashes ko ehehehe... So, I will REALLY check this out. Fortunately, they have one in Serendra... this weekend, will swing by! Baka mauna ko pa ito buy than a powerbank hehehe.:)
Naku I hate it pag Panda eyes hahaha Buti nalang yan maganda ka pa din after a day. Naks!

Ayi Dela Cruz said…
This is something I can manage :)) I love mascaras and never leave home without it. I'll definitely get one since this is exactly what I need. Most mascaras I tried makes me look like a panda after. hehehe
Cherryl Luis said…
Maybe I need this mascara Sara. Since my lashes were too long may problem pag nakasuot ako ng salamin bumabangga sa salamin ko lashes ko. But if i used mascara na lessen ang bangga kasi naka curve sya. Compared to other lashes since naluluha lagi ang mata ko while writing para lang akong sinuntok kasi kumakalat ang mascara. I hope as in waterproof talaga sya. hehehhe
thekitchen goddess said…
That looks good on you. Using a mascara is one of the "girly" things that I haven't had the patience to use. But I do admire women who can apply make-up like a pro :)
Janice Lim said…
I am emotional. Period. Hahaha! So I'm pretty sure I'm gonna love this mascara. Plus, it's gonna be perfect when I go swimming this summer.
tgf said…
While I'm not really fond of mascaras (primarily because I have no idea how to apply it), I'm amazed that this product lasts up to 2 days. That's money well spent! -- Maria Teresa Figuerres
Nica Reyes said…
Perfect for Summer! Awesome!
sarah tirona said…
super super super! :) easy lang to apply and it really makes a diff for your face :)
sarah tirona said…
hahahahah, yun! perfect customer ka. :P
sarah tirona said…
easy lang, you should try it, pwede to while cooking. hahahaha, pang anniversary dinner :P
sarah tirona said…
yes waterproof talaga, super waterproof. youre so lucky, naiingit ako! ang saya ng problem mo! :)
sarah tirona said…
hassle talaga yung panda look lakas maka haggard! hahahaha
sarah tirona said…
hahaha, i can so relate, frustration ko din l lashes so im really hard to please when it comes to mascaras. ok naman to very lengthening, if you wat volume, apply several coats, malinis and natural looking kse sya :)
sarah tirona said…
hahahaha! hassle talaga panda look :P although cute sile pero di masyado bagay satin. hahaha
sarah tirona said…
yes wow wow wow :P
sarah tirona said…
youre welcome! glad you like it :)
TweenselMom said…
I'd love to have this kind of mascara, totally no smudge. That's what makes me icky with mascaras kasi.
sarah tirona said…
true, i hate those too, so hard to use. ang dumi. :P
Maria Louisa Mae P. Mercado said…
Am not a daily mascara user but when I do for weddings and stuff I love how my eyes look. It looks like you can wear this easily and everyday. Nice share.
Wow, it can last for 2 days!
sarah tirona said…
yup! ok for swimming :)