niqua bags 1st anniversary at habitual coffee

Gorgeous, genuine leather bags for only P1000!!! That's one of several reasons why Niqua Shop's 1st year anniversary celebration was one the best events I have ever attended!

Held at Habitual Coffee in Ortigas Home Depot, the afternoon was all about delicious food, great coffee and to die for bags spent with bloggers and a few friends from the media.

habitual coffee
habitual coffee

Unlike most events where we are usually asked to sit down and listen to a press release, this one was quite different...

philippine made genuine leather bags
niqua turns 1
Bunnie had something way more fun and interactive in mind for us...

shop niqua online
shop niqua

Instead of typical place cards, our seats were marked by Niqua's personalized leather tags, gift certificates worth P5,000 and a paddle + 2 chips with the phrase "I Want!" on them.

niqua leather bags

We were asked to place these chips on the bags we loved the most. I wanted more chips! Hahaha!

niqua turns 1
niqua first anniversary
  But apparently, the chips didn't really matter. They were just there to decide which bags from their new 2015 collection would go up for auction first.

The most chips = the most desirable.

But of course, (and thankfully) all of use were given the chance to bid on as many bags as we wanted as long as we still had gift certificates left.

niqua bags1
niqua leather bags 2015 collection
Bidding started at just P1000!

Most of us were able to go home with more than 2 bags...

But some of us, specifically Rica Paralejo, immediately fell in love with this large luggage bag. She didn't want to take any chances so she put all of her money down the moment it went up for auction! :P

niqua bags
niqua doctor's bag
I learned a thing or two from her....

niqua bags 2015
niqua tote bag
So when bidding began for one of the "speedy-ish" doctor's bags, I raised my padddle like my life depended on it and screamed: "FOUR THOUSAND!!!!" hahaha

I got it! As well as that other pretty, woven shoulder bag in the photo above. ♥ 

niqua 1st anniversary
niqua turns one
I only got 2 as compared to the others who were able to bring home 4, some even 5 (!!!???!!!) but I was happy and contented.

shop online niqua bags
shop online niqua bags
I really, really wanted those 2 and would have paid top dollar for them if in case I didn't win them via auction. Getting both for free was way more than enough for me! ☺ 

niqua leather bags 1
shop niqua bags
Just look at how happy these 2 are! Hahaha! I can't blame them!

buy genuine leather bags philippines
genuine leather bags philippines
Thank you sooo much for having us Bunnie and Niqua! We all had a blast! 

Big congratulations on your 1st Anniversary and your stunning new collection for 2015! ♥ 

I LOVE IT ALL is a gross understatement! ☺

Niqua is a local manufacturer of quality, genuine leather bags at (you won't believe) super affordable prices. I have been a big fan since I first came across their totes last year and I have been patronizing them eversince.

Want to bid and score one of these bags for only P1000 too??? Great news! YOU CAN!!! Just visit for more info and start bidding!

niqua shop
Bid price starts at only P700!!! Enjoy! ☺