shiseido 2nd international beauty fair

Love Shiseido?

Do you want a free makeover, facials, special deals on their products and more?

Then this might be of interest to you...

Just like my blog, Shiseido's mission is to empower women through beauty.

So in celebration of Women's Month, they are holding their 2nd International Beauty Fair!

shiseido glow enhancing primer

Catch the event this March at: 

SM Megamall's Mega Fashion Hall Activity Center this March 13-19
Podium Activity Center - March 23-28
SM Mall of Asia Atrium - March 29-31

shiseido 2nd international beauty fair
Why go?

First off, you can get first dibs on Shiseido's Spring/Summer 2015 products which aim to revive your skin's glow from within.

"Glowing Beauty" includes Shiseido's Bio-Performace Glow Revival Serum, Glow Enhancing Primer, The Makeup Perfecting Stick Concealers and several others.

But still, why go?

Seasoned Shiseido Japan Beauty Consultant, Ms. Naka Maeda was flewn in especially for this event to advise you on which products your skin needs the most.

She really helps a lot, if not for her, I would've gotten the wrong concealer shade.

She knows how the products work and adapt to specific skin types so her input can be really useful. I thought my concealer was too light but after applying it and letting it set, it blended in perfectly with my skin tone.

shiseido ultimune

  • A masterclass makeup and skincare workshop conducted by Shiseido's chief make-up artist: Carmel Villongco! Learn how to achieve flawless, healthy, glowing skin + advanced yet wearable make-up techniques to enhance your natural beauty. As a bonus, you also get a personalized course certificate!
  • Measure your skin's actual age with Shiseido's Skin Visiom and Skin Sensor diagnostic tools.
  • Beauty Simulator which will show you how much your skin can improve after starting on the right skin care regimen.
  • FREE Shiseido Makeover which includes eyebrow re-shaping and a personalized make-up tutorial that touches on balancing techniques specific to your face proportions.
  • Pampering activities like a relaxing facial that tones and lifts facial muscles by hand massage.

shiseido beauty fair 2015

Get a sneak peek of these new products and how they will look on your skin by downloading the Shiseido App which allows a simulation of all their new products on your face by using your device's front facing camera. It's super cool and fun to use. ☺ 

shiseido app
And lastly, a pic of fellow blogger, Rowena after getting a makeover. I love how her make-up is sexy yet also light and natural looking.

shiseido beauty fair sm megamall
***You guys need to check out their Sunblock foundation that comes in a blue bottle. It's super lightweight, waterproof with SPF and provides just the right amount of coverage to keep things looking natural yet flawless.

Anyway, I can go on and on and on but I'm pretty sure you guys already know how good Shiseido's products work which is why it is imperative that all fans visit this Beauty Fair. You will learn so much from it and who knows? There might even be special deals, bundles and discounts you can take advantage of while you're there. 

For more info on Shiseido's 2nd International Beauty Fair, follow @ShiseidoPH on Instagram and Twitter and visit Shiseido Philippines on Facebook.


Parang tuwang tuwa si Rowena sa last photo ah! Nice spending the weekend with you mwah

emiliana said…
Looks like you all had a great time at the International Beauty Fair.
sarah tirona said…
yup, we all went cray over the new products! :P
sarah tirona said…
hahaha kse yan yung sabi ko, look here beautiful! hahhahahaha
Millie Manahan said…
Nice! I've always loved to have a makeover, I don't know how to wear make up kasi hehehe.:) I have a lot but don't know how to use it hahaha... Sometimes, I'd wear one even if Im just going to do the laundry!
sarah tirona said…
drop by, i think you'll enjoy it :)
tgf said…
Yes, oh yes, I'd love to experience the free pampering treatments and products you mentioned, and I'll line up early at The Podium for the Shisheido 2nd International Beauty Fair. That's for sure! Thanks for the heads-up! -- Maria Teresa Figuerres
Rhoda Fajardo said…
I wanna go. I hope they giveaway free makeup. I'm currently using Revlon Color stay for my face, Maybelline lipsticks, and a variety of generic and local brands for my eyes. :))
Ayi Dela Cruz said…
I think I need to be in this kind of events. Para ma-encourage ako to wear makeup and learn how to fix myself more :))
TweenselMom said…
I'd love a makeover! I just got a Shiseido GC and so looking forward to using it.
nicole Paler said…
I just love beauty events! I'm checking out the shiseido page right now cause of this hehehehe :)
sarah tirona said…
hahaha, thank you! you should just check out the fundation sunscreen, SUPER nice. :)
sarah tirona said…
try din nix and rimmel for lipstick, those 2 are my fave brands na affordable, for the eyes naman kate, drugstore version ng kanebo nice din :)
sarah tirona said…
youre welcome! let me know how it goes :)
yvonnembertoldo . said…
Nice.. I'll drop by at Podium on Saturday ^^