Here's another "Oh my god, I left my pants at home" moment again... ☺
This is an outfit I shot several weeks ago but forgot to post, I just remembered because I wore it again last week during my recent trip to Baguio (check out my trip on instagram: @saratirona).
With the weather now, I wouldn't dream of buttoning my shirt all the way up to my neck especially if it's made of flannel. I will die. Seriously.

But it's an outfit you can wear if you're just planning to stay in the mall all day or are going off to a land with colder climate.

Speaking of travel, don't mean to be such a debbie downer on a day as beautiful as today but I just need to say that I have been feeling sort of empty lately and I think it's because of the city.

Since summer broke out, I've been spending 70% of my time out of town, either in Baguio or Batangas which made me realize that I take so much comfort in the simplicity of the life and the people there especially now that I'm back in Manila.

It's not that I plan to relocate, I'm already too much of a city girl and I think eventually the quietness of it all will make me even more depressed.

I just need to find a happy medium and adapt better to immediate changes in habitat.

But the good news is, I'm off to the beach again tomorrow! So dark already as it is but I stopped caring 2 sunburns ago. :P

Will just double down on my gluta shots and treatments at YSA once summer is over. Haha

plaid shirtdress and chanel-inspired chain boots from zara | romwe hat

photos by Dennis Sy


@PaulThePRGuy said…
Looks like Dennis hit the gold mine with these 2 shots! Haha. Lakas maka-model off duty ng first pic.
sarah tirona said…
crop crop lang pag may time. hahahahaha
Kat Jorge-Rodriguez said…
"Oh my god, I left my pants at home", haha, I love that.
michisolee said…
I agree, parang magazine shoot lang yung first pic. I'm lazy to go out this summer naman, I hope makapagvacation din. :)
Nheng said…
OMG! Pareho tayo ng damit today hehehe. It's just that I have my pants kasi bawal sa office maiksi eh hehehe. And I am using my bf's polo. What I really like about this kind of outfit is its really comfortable. :)

Mommy Levy said…
me naman sawa na sa ingay, which is why we prefer to stay here at Cavite than in our house in Manila. Love your outfit (as always)
Nilyn EC Matugas said…
You look really great on this outfit!
Ruth Alfonso Alarcon said…
I love your outfit!! Your boots rock!

Parang kamukha mo si Pia G. (you're prettier lang) Hehehe. :)
the dreamer mom said…
Ganda nman ng shirtdress. Mag match lahat from hat to boots.
Kareen Liez said…
I so love your look! Your shoes and all look pretty on you!
Maan Laxa said…
I love your boots! I can relate to your sentiments. I'm a city girl, too, but once in a while, it feels so good to escape the everyday hustle and bustle.
Dee Tupong said…
Nice outfit Sarah. Its really good to make porma sa Baguio noh?
Krisna said…
I like your outift! Simple pero rock! \m/
tgf said…
Like you, I can't stay long away from the city. One or two days is okay, but not longer. Nice getup, by the way! I really love the boots! -- Maria Teresa Figuerres
Joseph Biscocho said…
You are the perfect epitome of swag & elegance! I mean who else has that?!