how much would you pay for a wedding dress?

How much are you willing to pay for a wedding gown?

How much is too much for a dress you're hopefully only going to wear once in your entire life (the odd halloween not included :P)?

Kitchie was commended for choosing a gown that only cost P700. Although she looks great and comfortable in it, I think she could've done better.

But of course that probably wasn't her priority but being the nosy person that I am, I decided to go looking for better option that are also pretty affordable.

Think less than P10,000.


That's not too much right? I have friends who spent P500,000 and up. I even know someone who walked down the aisle in a custom Vera Wang.

I personally wouldn't spend that much but I think anything below P50,000 is acceptable. After all, wedding pictures are heirloom material and you want to look your best 50 years from now.

So anyway, back to Kitchie, I liked the cut of her dress and I think it really suited her body type but it's the material that killed me. It's a shame cause she sooo very radiant in her photos but I can't help but concentrate on the cheap satin covering her body.

I think she might have looked even prettier in a bohemian inspired number like this:


Another affordable option would be to opt for something similar to what Olivia Palermo wore to her wedding.

It's a great option for garden weddings or anything that isn't too formal. It's also easier to find separates that flatter instead of just a single dress.

Nothing goes to waste since each piece can be worn casually on multiple occasions.


But if you're more into that traditional look, there's still a lot of cheap wedding dresses out there.

Specifically online. Just google and you'll find thousands of options. Perfect for those without time and on a budget.

They only cost around P5000 so you can even spend a little more on alterations if need be.

W187 W175-01

In fact, if you're really pressed for time there's also lots of cheap bridesmaid dresses online


As well as really adorable flower girl dresses like this:

They both cost less than P5,000 so you can probably have your wedding gown + dresses for your entire entourage for less than P50,000.

That's not bad right?

What do you think? Where did you get your dresses from? Would you be willing to order online?


Leilani Sonza said…
agree! I think Kitchie's gown looks very cheap..sorry :( I have seen beautiful wedding gowns in Divi pa nga e...hehhe
isa machado said…
Stunning outfit dear! ♥

Isa M., Tic Tac Living
Andrei said…
There are nice, affordable wedding dresses online but ang problem sa Customs ang mahal ng fee. tsktsktsk :(( My friend she ordered her bridal gown online less than 10k lang but the Customs asked around 7k yata. Indis na makamura ka, magmumura ka naman sa customs sa laki ng babayarin! :(( Further negotiation, naclose sa 5k pero malaki pa rin to think she needs to alter the gown pa. Hayyy customs!!!!
Jacky said…
Lovely! Thanks for sharing this tutorial.