parfois spring/summer 2015 launch: #thebohoexperience

Have you been a follower of my blog since the beginning (of time? di nga...) haha. If you have been, I apologize for dragging you along with me through all my horrible style phases. (I hope you didn't get orange hair too!)

Thankfully, I think I'm finally past my experimental stage (hopefully) and I'm slowly easing my way back to my roots: Boho!

Remember back when I used to have long ombre hair and I was always dressed in flares, wide legs, turbans, kimonos and I even used to sew my own clothes? (#ehdiwow)

When you're into style blogging, it's super easy to get sucked into different trends without even realizing it. One day you look back and realize how much your personal style has changed (it's quite horrible really). The only good thing about being experimental is that through time, you realize what works best for you.

And looking back, I think I was prettiest when I was Boho. HAHAHAHAHAHA!

Okay, okay, seriously, I think that's really who I am deep in my core (?! :P) I have always said that I was born in the wrong decade. Kerouac, Fleetwood Mac, I have always been obsessed with anything to come out between 1965-1975.

And luckily, along with this realization came an abundance of hippie goodness at the launch of Parfois Spring/Summer 2015 collection held at Pio's Kitchen last week!

"Read more" about this super Instagrammable event and their awesome new affordable collection...

parfois totes 2015
parfois 2015 collection

It all started with one of my dream cars...A Combi! Yes, a tricked out bohemian Combi was used to transport us from the Megamall store to the venue for an authentic experience.

parfois combi
parfois spring summer 2015
When we got there,  a fortune teller and a flash tattoo station was waiting for us ♥. Let me just say: those gold and silver tattoos are super addicting! You start with a single one and you just can't stop. The one's from Parfois are hipster as hell (that's a good thing btw.:P)

parfois the boho experience
the boho experience
And now without further adieu,  an exclusive sneak peek of their new collection!

There's tons of beautiful suede bags, espadrilles, hats and chunky jewelry to ogle at.

I think I'll stop talking and just allow you to admire it's prettiness...

parfois spring summer 2015 hats
parfois flats 2015
parfois spring summer 2015 shoes
parfois tribal necklace 2015
parfois tribal necklace 2015
parfois sunglasses 2015
parfois sunglasses 2015
parfois suede bags 2015
parfois suede bags 2015
parfois boho dream 2015
parfois silver jewelry 2015
parfois raffia bags 2015
parfois rafia bags 2015
parfois gold jewelry 2015
parfois gold jewelry 2015
parfois espadrilles 2015
parfois gold bracelets 2015
parfois bangles 2015
parfois bucket bags 2015
parfois boho bucket bag 2015
parfois marrakech 2015
parfois spring summer sandals 2015
parfois watches 2015
Nice, huh? We were cray-cray about everything and I almost cried (just kidding, was mighty touched though, I don't think that was part of the initial plan :P) when they told us we could keep two of our favorite bags from the collection at the end of the event.

I was truly, truly grateful but in "true Sarah form", that still wasn't enough. When I found out that they only stock about 4 items/piece, I immediately reserved and ordered some of the other pieces so I could get first dibs and pick them up at the store afterwards. (gastos lang! :P)

parfois the boho experience
Seriously guys, this is one collection you need to stalk this summer! You need, need, need to check out the store, honest! Super nice! 

For more of #TheBohoExperience, visit: and connect with Parfois Philippines via Facebook and Instagram (@Parfois_PH)

Or better yet, visit these Parfois Branches: Glorietta 4, SM Megamall, Gateway, Southmall, Robinson's Galleria, SM North Edsa, SM Cebu, Ayala Center Cebu, Centrio Mall Cagayan de Oro.


Kat Jorge-Rodriguez said…
Nice, I so love the necklaces and the bracelets. They really make a statement.
Anna Plaida said…
I love their bags :-)
Lulu said…
I love their bags and shoes!!! :)
Vicki said…
Thank you Sarah! We are happy you enjoyed the event and may your enjoy your bags even more :)
Jenny1015 said…
Very inspiring collection!
May Castillo said…
Those necklaces!!! I always go to their store in Megamall.
Maan Laxa said…
I love the chunky-heeled sandals! Follow your heart; you look great in boho chic!
MacyMichelle said…
The "boho" or the hippie laid back look is really timeless it has crossed several generations. Love the things from Parfois and oh boy riding the combi is so nostalgic. I remember we used to have it as a family van back in the 70' it! -Macy
juvy ann petilla said…
These accessories are so chic. I love the bracelet and necklace pieces the most.
sarah tirona said…
me too!!! they have body harnesses din super nice <3
sarah tirona said…
really??? ive always wanted to restore one! maybe in a few years :)
sarah tirona said…
thank youuuu!!! mwah :)
sarah tirona said…
kaka addict their store :)
sarah tirona said…
i knowww hahaha but really useful :P its a mommy thing i think.
sarah tirona said…
hahaha yea get one na, sayang points :P
sarah tirona said…
super, love every single piece <3
sarah tirona said…
yep! youre welcome :)
sarah tirona said…
thank you so much for having me vicki! I LOVE THEM SO MUCH! been using it everyday since i got it :)
sarah tirona said…
yes, def to die for <3 :P
sarah tirona said…
me too, cray cray over their bags :P hehe
sarah tirona said…
yup, esp the chunky ones, so nice!
sarah tirona said…
hahahaha im sure meron pa yan! :)
sarah tirona said…
yup, cant beat the discount :)
sarah tirona said…
thank you thank you sooo much! xoxo
sarah tirona said…
hahahaha yup! sayang pang shopping :P
sarah tirona said…
now you know and now you know where to direct the hubby to. :P hahaha
sarah tirona said…
thats a smart thing to do, i usually just end up in topshop hahaha
sarah tirona said…
yesss, time to shop! :P haha
sarah tirona said…
yup yup! 2 birds w one stone ;)
sarah tirona said…
hhahahahaha i just said that kanina, rewards cards are such a mommy thing! lol
sarah tirona said…
hahaha alam ko yan :P hahaha now we have 2 options!
luckyfinds said…
I superlove their bracelets!
Ayi Dela Cruz said…
I don't have a Robinson's card and use the SM Advantage every time I gas up in Shell. But I'm thinking of getting one already since I'm always in Toys R Us. Sayang nga naman ang points. Hehehe
Ruth Alfonso Alarcon said…
Wow! So Coachella! Love your outfits, though! :)
Amethystine said…
I'm always at Saizen Trinoma, maybe I should get a robinsons rewards card!
I can't relate to this one since we don't have a car to gas up just yet. But I'd definitely keep this in mind even if I already have a gazillion of these rewards cards haha - we might just be getting our own wheels in a few months, cross fingers.
What a great reason to gas up at Caltex! Thanks for sharing!
BA Isla said…
Wow! This is quite nice. :) I'll share with my friends.
tgf said…
I'll ask my sister if she already has a Robinsons Rewards Card. This will help her save a few bucks. Thanks! -- Maria Teresa Figuerres
Arge Roque-Valencia said…
Super inggit when you said that you get to keep two bags from the Parfois collection! I love their pastel-colored bucket bags.
Marie San Luis said…
Those are such pretty items - good thing I wasn't there or else I would have broke the bank haha.
May De Jesus-Palacpac said…
Oh I love the earth tones! :) those bags in the shelf reminds me of the bag my friend manufactured and named after me, haha.
reigningstill said…
Wow! Okay to. I have robinsons rewards card. Magamit nga.
Emem V. said…
Wow, everything in this store is so nice. ♥
Saw this in Glorietta and I love the stuff they are selling!
Maria Louisa Mae P. Mercado said…
Sounds interesting although we don't really shop at Robinsons or get gas from Caltex. Something to try though!

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