progress pre-school gold multiple intelligence recognition day

Just to clear things up, I didn't graduate from any masters course last week. :P

I was wearing a toga to celebrate and represent other moms who have a more progressive approach to parenting at an event set by Progress Pre-School Gold to recognize multi-achievers.

Multiple Intelligence opens many doors of opportunities for our children. As parents, it is our responsibility to expose them to as many activities as possible that might interest them....especially now that it's summer and they have a lot of idle time. 

Who knows your kid might be the next Lisa Macuja or Kuya Kim? Kuya Kim??? Yep, read on to find out why...

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progress pre-school gold multiple intelligence recognition day

Before that, I'd just like to say that I am a Multiple Intelligence advocate because I believe that children raised and nurtured this way grow up to be more balanced and confident individuals. 

As a mom, I want what's best for my daughter so I try to introduce her to as many different hobbies as I can so she can sort and seed 'til she finds her true passion.

I don't care if it's in sports, the arts or academics as long as it makes her happy.

And that is exactly what Multiple Intelligence is all about: recognizing that success isn't solely based on how good a child is in Math or Science. It gives children a chance to recognize their ability to be good at other things as well. 

How can you deny them that, right? 

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According to Rhea Villareal, Senior Product Manager, Progress Pre-School Gold: 
"We continue to seek ways for parents and educators to recognize that developing multiple intelligence is just as relevant as academic performance, giving kids today the chance to develop inherent skills in a motivated and well-rounded environment."
multiple intelligence day
As a means to further promote multiple intelligence, Wyeth decided to partner with the Reading Association of the Philippines (RAP).

RAP is a non-government organization that educates school teachers using proven progressive methods to teach kids to learn to read and enhance comprehension - thus, facilitate a better learning environment to help students to progress into multi-achievers.

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A great example of a multi-achiever who used his multiple intelligence as a means to success is Kuya Kim Atienza.

His, is a very interesting story.

Did you know that he was the voice of RedMask in the now defunct Mask Rider TV series? That was back in college when he used to moonlight as a voice over talent for a local TV station.

After that he became the first man to ever don tights in the aerobics show "Muscles In Motion", remember that? Hahaha

He then followed in his father's footsteps with a brief political career.

As if that wasn't enough, he is also a ballerina and our own local version of Steve Irwin.

Brain Smart. Body Smart. People Smart.

That is Kuya Kim.

kuya kim ballet
Already following in his footsteps are these kids who at a young age have already achieved so much not just academically but also in their chosen extracurricular activities
Sofia Pablo 
Brain Smart: Best in math and science. 
Body Smart: Best Freestyle Stroke Award in swimming. She also does ballet, volleyball and cheer dancing among many others.
People Smart: Star Scout Team Leader, she's also a very charming young girl who wants to be a teacher in the future.

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Sean Clarence Cai
Brain Smart: Consistent honor student since nursery.
Body Smart: Adept at Taekwondo
People Smart: Class President and Secretary for the culminating activities of his entire batch.
He wants to be a lawyer when he grows up.

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Ciara Russegger
Brain Smart: Spelling Bee Champ and winner of the Team Champion Academic Olympiad with a grade point average of 95.76!
Body Smart: Bagged the championship for football's 2012 Kick-Off Tournament.
People Smart: Ciara is an animal rescue volunteer (awww! ♥)
In the future, she wants to be a psychologist in order to understand human emotions and the reasoning behind these emotions and actions .

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Cedric Rafael Uson
Brain Smart: Best in Literary Recital
Body Smart: Gold Medallist for the Titans Kumsaegui Taekwondo Championship
People Smart: Red Cross Member and known by many to be "very sweet and loving".
He wants to become and engineer to help drive the development of the country forward.

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Luis Raphael Danao
Brain Smart: A consistent Top 3 student.
Body Smart: He has been winning medals in different interschool tournaments and leagues by being part of De La Salle Zobel's Basketball Varsity since 2011.
People Smart: Class President and Student Council member.

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Whew, quite impressive right? But I'm even more impressed with their parents and the fantastic upbringing they provide their children with just like Jenni Epperson and Mikaela Lagdameo-Martinez who were also recognized that day for helping their kids grow up to be multi-achievers  with many accomplishments in different fields.

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In closing...I would just like to say that raising multi-achievers is now made easier with Progress Pre-School Gold. 

Progress Pre-School GOLD supports the development of a child's multiple intelligence with a GOLD Biofactors System that contains higher levels of DHA, Choline and Lutein.

Let these women and children be an example to all of us but just a friendly reminder...never compare your kids with others. Instead, appreciate and praise them endlessly for their own accomplishments o matter how big or small. ♥