nikola the triple threat + giveaway

Is your child a triple threat? ☺

I don't mean the kulit side....destroyer, endless questions about things you aren't ready to discuss yet, climbing everything 'til you're on the verge of a heart attack...I'm sure you can all relate to those.

Sometimes annoying and yet still endearing when you look back.

But that's not what I'm talking about.

I'm encouraging you to focus on the positive this time...
(although maybe not as funny and exciting. haha)

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I'm talking Brain Smart, Body Smart and People Smart.

My daughter is a triple threat and I'm sure yours is too. I believe all kids are, you just have to know where to look and what to acknowledge.

Nikola isn't the smartest in her class but she always manages to finish in the Top 10 and I'm fine with that. She's quick on the uptake and street smart. She flourishes more when books are accompanied by practical learning.

At the end of the day, I don't need her to give me a medal at the end of every semester. I value balance more because I don't want memories of her childhood to be all about studying.

And that's what brings us to the next type of smart: People Smart.

I encourage her to converse with adults and new friends so when she gets older, she knows how to communicate with all types of people.

At just 8, she can already carry on a conversation with most adults and even joke around. She is quite funny, actually. Her sense of humor is endearing and people enjoy spending long hours speaking with her.

I personally think that's more important than constantly being at the top of her class. Charm and rapport is a gift that can't be learned in school.

To relieve her stress from school work, everyday living and also to keep her healthy and strong, I try to enroll her as much as possible in different extracurricular activities such as football. We live in a condo so she doesn't get to play outside as much as I would want her so we need to rely on different outside activities to keep her active. We're lucky she enjoys it and even won a gold medal against Ateneo in their last friendly inter-school game! ☺

Indeed, I am a proud mom and in my eyes, my daughter is perfect.

How about you? What makes your child special? 

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Share a triple photo collage of your kid and tweet: "My child is more than Brain Smart. She's also Body Smart and People Smart #MultipleIntelligence #FExMI".

I will choose 2 winners at the end of May. Good Luck! ☺


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Maria May Ochea

My son is Brain Smart because At the age of 4 he’s able to name the 10 flags of different countries and their capital City as well. He’s also Body Smart because he loves outdoor activities & challenges. He tried Velcro Wall for the first time & he was so fearless! By simply playing with the other kids he was already knw the true meaning of sportmanship that made him a People Smart. :)