top 3 online stores for spreading the cost on home furniture

Buying new furniture for the home? 

If you wish to finance and spread the cost, shopping via a catalogue is a simple way to do this. 
But, which catalogues have the best deals, financing offers, and furniture you want? 

 These are three of the top UK catalogues which you should consider, when you wish to finance the purchase of your furniture. 



With free delivery on orders of £500 or more, and free returns on all orders, customers will find a variety of pieces. From sofas on finance, to sectionals, dining room sets, or new bedroom furniture, this site carries it all, as well as the latest fashions, and top name brand product lines. Customers can apply for Homebase card or apply for financing through local stores. 

 There are currently no interest free financing options, but when you visit a local store, can find the different pricing options offered by a particular retailer. With 12, 24, 36, and 48 month financing options, there is something for every shopper to consider. 


With interest free ordering for up to 3 years, you can buy now, and pay off the order total over time. Orders must be £2400 or more for three years, and as little as £400 for 6 month interest free orders. You can also pay 10% down, and the remainder upon delivery if you do not wish to finance the entire purchase total. Only on orders of £400 or more is there financing available to customers. 


With a variety of home goods, furnishings, and decor, there are many great styles to choose from through this catalogue as well. Financing is offered on all orders, with 12, 24, and 36 month repayment periods options. Interest rates will be determined based on the applicant's credit score and history. 

 No interest financing is offered on a periodic basis, so if you are considering ordering new furniture, make sure you contact the catalogue supplier so you find the best rates, and so you can find out whether there is a current promotion on orders. 

 Depending on what you are going to order, different catalogues will have various options to choose from, and new home furniture for you to order online. Whether you are looking for one piece, or wish to furnish an entire home, these are three catalogues which offer financing to customers. 

 With interest free financing, no cost on delivery, and with different financing periods, you will find something which fits your budget and repayment capabilities, through these catalogue companies.