watsons celebrity switch

I went shopping last week with Tessa Prieto-Valdez. Let me just say, she is such a great sales talker!

Long story short, I ended up with more than I intended. hahaha

tessa prieto
I can't blame her for being that passionate really.

When Watsons goes on sale it almost feels as if they're just giving away their stuff for free.

Think Buy 1 Take 1 on large-sized organic shampoo's that cost only P179 + a free P300 coupon with every purchase...Doesn't that make you feel as if you're getting tons of stuff for free?

It certainly made me feel that way even without Tessa prodding me to add more stuff to my cart (haha).

watsons celebrity switch
It's just really, really, really cheap! Which is great since most everything Watsons sells are househeold essentials.

The Switch & Save sale allows me to save up to 80% off on toiletries so I can set aside my money for other things such as travel, renovations (;P), new furniture, spa treatments, (etc) instead. 

Products are of quality too so I don't get complaints from my family! ㋡
watsons sarah tirona
Aside from toiletries, you can also enjoy great savings on vitamins, medicine and styling tools!

watsons promo
watsons sale
This is probably why these fellow mom bloggers as well as other celebrities such as Patty Laurel, Iya Villania and Christian Bautista have decided to make the switch along with me, Tessa and millions of other people.

These deals are just too hard to resist! 

Plus, I love how each purchase allows me to add more points to my SM Advantage Card to get even more stuff. (no I am not a hoarder).

watsons bloggers
watsons sm aura
Despite being known as a socialite, there's no denying that Tessa is just like us when it comes to shopping. She's a smart shopper who loves and can't resist a good deal.
According to her:
“A smart shopper knows when she is getting a good deal, that’s why a lot of us are always at here at Watsons, Valdes points out. “You’d be surprised with the savings you get just by choosing Watsons label products!”

watsons free coupons
Among her favorites are the Watsons Body Serum Whitening that instantly lightens and reduces dark spots and visible imperfections. There’s also Watsons Body Lotion Whitening Mulberry designed to nourish and helps to provide whitening effects, giving you fairer and radiant skin. 

Her bath essentials meanwhile include; Watsons Cream Handsoap Strawberry and Yoghurt that effectively cleanses and protects hands from dryness; Watsons scented cream body wash with goat milk; to gently slough off dead skin cells and helps to hydrate and brighten the skin and Watsons Milk & Salt Scrub Whitening to help enhance the skin, and exfoliate dead skin cells. 

To keep her skin looking healthy and protect it from free radical damage, Tessa relies on a couple of products; Watsons Glutathione to lighten skin and prevent skin darkening caused by UV exposure; and Watsons Vitamin E to prevent eye disorders and help her avoid a number of diseases.

watsons buy 1 take 1
watsons organic products
watsons organic line
My absolute favorites during their annual sales are their cotton products and tissues. Since they have no expiration, I make it a point to get as much of these as I can to take advantage of the Buy 1 Take 1 deals.

watsons cotton buds
watsons cotton buds
watsons buy 1 take 1
watsons round puffs

Drop by any Watsons stores and enjoy more savings with the “Shop to Save” promo. Get a free P300 coupon with a minimum single-receipt purchase of P1500 from the participating Watsons Label products and exclusive participating brands. Promo will run until May 20, 2015!


Aleigna Lin said…
Guilty! Watson's is a place I don't want to go to pag limited budget kasi ubos talaga pera lalo sa mga hand soap deals and stuff.
Nilyn EC Matugas said…
Wow! This is great! There's no doubt that Watsons is a fantastic company.
Marinella Noya said…
Marinella said…

Jemy Serafico said…


Maylyn Panaligan said…
Maylyn U. Panaligan


I love shopping at Watsons! specially the Buy 1 Take 1 items -- super sulit talaga!
Heart Calimlim said…
Same here. I liked buying Watson's products. It saves me a lot because of their bundles, sales and buy 1 take 1 :)
Janice Lim said…
I love Watsons I haven't explored some of their products yet. But among those I've tried, my face is the Strawberry and Cream handwash.
tgf said…
Watsons is one of my favorite stores to shop. I love hoarding stuff from Watsons, too, because of their promos. -- Maria Teresa Figuerres
Jem Alvarado said…
Hi fellow GOLD mom. I like promo and deals from Watsons - there are great selections and also freebies :)