what i would've worn to prom

Have you noticed my blog has been all about home stuff, diy's and renovations lately? Once the work at home is done, I plan to get an overhaul myself. I'm in dire need of a facial, waxing services, massage, etc. In other words, as many pampering services as I can get. I also miss dressing up, style and fashion blogging.

That's why during some downtime spent surfing the web yesterday, I began daydreaming of what I might have worn to prom years ago when I accidentally stumbled upon an online dress shopping site called Top Wedding.

You see, back in high school, I was a big tomboy and dresses weren't really at the top of my list. I ended up wearing a bottle green velvet number that some designer guy did for me with almost zero input from my side. I let him measure me and do al the work.

That's also why I pretty much burned all remaining photo evidences of that day. (haha)

So if I was to go to prom again, I would probably pick out a black gown, or if that's too mature and sophisticated, maybe a navy blue dress instead like this one here: http://tinyurl.com/ltdd2gx.

navy blue prom dress
But there's also a little bit of me that wants to entertain wearing some color. Imagine a yellow dress like this: http://tinyurl.com/m729wk2 in a sea of black? Stunning!

yellow prom dress
What about you? Do you regret the dress you wore to prom as well? It would be awesome (and embarrassing) to see all our blackmail photos in a collage together, right? or wrong? Haha! If you feel like doing some daydreaming as well or are in need of a dress for someone, why not check out http://www.topwedding.co.uk/prom-dresses-uk? They have a lot of choices and everything's pretty affordable. It's a fun site to browse. ☺