butterfly twists spring/summer 2015

I was first introduced to foldable flats a couple of years ago and since then, it's always been an essential in my bag especially on days when I need to attend multiple events.

I got somewhat addicted to them so I began to hoard (naturally :P). 

And that's when I discovered that not all foldable flats are created equal. Some tend to chafe while others strain my big toe. Not Butterfly Twists. No joke, out of all I've tried, these are truly the most comfortable.

For Spring/Summer 2015, Butterfly Twists gives us more design options to match all out outfits. Think sandals, brogues, etc!

Butterfly Twists - Travel

What's better is that they're built sturdy so you can wear them daily as a regular shoe instead of just a back-up. Your feet will love the extra cushion and pillowy feel.

Here are some of my favorites from the new line-up:

Butterfly Twists - Zoey Black Butterfly Twists - Work Butterfly Twists - Reese AquaGold Snake Butterfly Twists - Natalie NudeNude Butterfly Twists - Jacqui with Studs Butterfly Twists - Julia Dusty PinkButterfly Twists - Emily II NudeNude Butterfly Twists - Summer Butterfly Twists - Charli Tan
For more information, like www.facebook.com/ButterflyTwistsPhilippines and follow @BTwistsPH on Twitter and Instagram.


the dreamer mom said…
I love flats! Now checking...:)
Kori Donahue said…
Loving all of these and can't wait to try a pair of my own! Thanks for sharing! Have a great week honey! Kori xoxo

Uy, may open toe na ang Butterfly Twists! Makabili nga ng 10 haha

These are so cute!(: I love flats. They are so comfy and versatile too!
Kero said…
The lace pair is just so romantic someone buy me! Have you ever tried Tieks ballet flats? they are uber durable too and stylish I brought them to holidays abroad.
animetric said…
I like the last pair you posted, are they comfy?
sarah tirona said…
yup, for me out of all foldable flats this brand is the cmfiest :)
sarah tirona said…
haahaha, so hard to narrow down choice to a single pair
Anna Plaida said…
it's so nice I like the lace design :-)