This is probably the longest I've gone without writing a single thing ever since I began blogging some 5-6 years ago.

When I get into random conversations with people and they mention how difficult it is to maintain a blog and find the time to write something everyday, I always tell them no - that it just takes getting used to.

Part of that is true and part of that is also very false as I'm slowly beginning to learn recently.

I've been doing this so long that I guess it's become part of my daily schedule. Point is: you absolutely need to set aside quite a bit of time to blog.

Which brings us to this ootd and an apology.

sarah tirona for maldita
I was chosen by Maldita some months ago to be their official blogger for the month of May. I immediately agreed because I really like their clothes and I feel that they really epitomize my personal sense of style. I love how they stock lots of classically tailored pieces that can easily be mixed and matched.

However, of all the months to choose, they chose May (now better known as hell month in our household :P). This was the thick of our renovation process and as you can well tell, I hardly found the time to blog anything, much less go anywhere else other than the hardware store and shoot an ootd.

So from the bottom of my heart, I'm sorry Maldita, nothing personal, just really no time.

tux dress for sale ph
Another thing I realized during this process is how difficult it can be to climb out of a rut. I pretty much lived with a pair of sneakers and espadrilles plus a couple of tshirts and shorts during construction because the rest of my clothes (and makeup) were stored in boxes.

When you're haggard and tired everyday for an extended period of time, it's difficult to snap out of it and just take a shower, dress up, apply some make-up and expect to feel pretty or presentable.

No, no, no. I felt as if I've had a thick layer of construction debris coat me and I'm still in the process of shedding those layers.

It takes a makeover! A head to toe overhaul similar to those seen in TV shows. 

It took a trip to Browhaus + a hair and nail salon visit to give me that extra push I needed to dress up again.

And that's just the bare minimum. I think I need at least a week of not doing anything + a body scrub to feel totally normal again.

That is a big problem because I can't exactly put my life on hold any longer. I have events I need to go to and important meetings I need to attend.

This is where this tux dress comes in handy.

It was so easy. I didn't really have to think hard on how to style it. I just put it on, grabbed some heels, a sensible clutch (in this case my bespoke niqua clutch with my initials on it) and voila! Instant power dressing.

It's true what they say, nothing else can make you feel more powerful than a good suit!

sarah tirona street style
tux dress street style
maldita blogger
maldita tux dress | ray ban clubmaster | zara pumps | niqua clutch

photos by Dennis Sy


nicolepaler said…
how much is that tux dress anyways? It looks so chic and yet classy! I need one for my lazy days too.. :3
reigningstill said…
Hirap talaga magpagawa ng house. We had our house renovated early this year and super haggard. Just the cleaning up is OA. Anyway, love the dress!! I love Maldita too. Some of my most durable and versatile pieces are from Maldita.
This is one cute dress! Very versatile!(:
Ayi Dela Cruz said…
I love your outfit :) Parang this is the first time I've seen you wear pumps? :)
Love the dress, the clutch and everything else!

animetric said…
Ang ganda! Ikaw talaga OOTD idol ko. You make it seem sooo easy. :D
Jaclyn Chua-Park said…
Love the outfit! How much is the tux dress?
Jacq Paraguya said…
Nice! :) Parang hindi ka na-stress. :) Still pretty perfect ;)
Jen said…
Very nice dress.. Simple but elegant looking! =)
levy said…
I love the outfit especially the shoes :)
sarah tirona said…
aw, thank you so much :)
sarah tirona said…
thanks :) its 1k +
sarah tirona said…
kse wala talaga akong ginagawa, hahahah look away lang :P
sarah tirona said…
thanks mother!!! :)
sarah tirona said…
thank you ayi! yes i hardly wear pumps, always sneakers or espadrilles. hahaha
sarah tirona said…
i totally agree :)
sarah tirona said…
super haggard is the word talaga! relieved we're almost done :)
sarah tirona said…
its only 1k plus :)
elegant, as always! :)
Arnie Villanueva said…
Wowww si papa D ang nag-ootd!!! WIN WIN
sarah tirona said…
hahahaha yea :P crop crop nalang