samsung smart oven review + recipes


A huge (and fun) part of renovating your kitchen is shopping for sparkly new appliances! I was in the market for a new microwave oven when I came across the Samsung Smart Oven.

In the beginning, size and function didn't really matter. I just wanted one in brushed stainless steel.

Easier said than done.

After visiting more than 5 appliance stores, I only found 2 worth considering. One was from Electrolux priced at just 5k (perfect and within budget) and the other was by Elba which I found a too expensive for a microwave at 8k but since it was the only one available with the look that I wanted, I almost got it.

Good thing, I waited a day and decided to get us a Samsung Smart Oven instead.


Priced at around 13-14k, it's a bit much for a microwave but when you study its features, you learn that you get way more than just your run off the mill microwave. In fact, you end up saving thousands.

Aside from being a microwave, it's also a legit convection oven, grill and air fryer.

Which means less clutter and wiring in the kitchen. (Halleluja).

It can also cook pretty much anything you can think of. Just refer to the manual for appropriate settings and cooking times.


Most "all-in-one" appliances I've tried in the past were a disappointment because I felt that they didn't function as well as their stand alone counterparts. Not this one.

So far, I've used my Smart Oven to grill, cook rice, hash browns, french fries and defrost a variety of meats.

Happy to say that I'm very satisfied with the outcome of everything I've cooked in it so far.

Clean up is also a cinch. Each Samsung Smart Oven comes with 2 stainless racks (for grilling and baking), 1 crisp plate (for air frying), and a standard microwave glass plate.

It's much, much easier to wash these instead of numerous pots and pans.

Plus, you can do your cooking in glassware that can be used for serving as well. (I prefer those with lids so I just pop them in the fridge after serving incase we have leftovers).

SAMSUNG SMART OVEN RECIPES Which brings me to my next point: I think this is perfect for bachelors, bachelorettes or young couples. It really makes cooking simpler and quicker.

I have a lot of single friends who eat take out everyday because they say its too much trouble to cook for one. That sucks.

I lived on take out for a month while we were renovating and it really made me feel sick after a couple of weeks.

The Samsung Smart Oven has a built in temperature meter which ensures that your meat is cooked perfectly. Juicy with the right amount of charring.

Yes, it browns meats beautifully and can even make pork skin crispy.

So here's a little recipe I put together that's yummy, applicable to a variety of meats and very easy to prepare.



  • your choice of meat
  • rock salt and crushed black pepper
  • rosemary
  • olive oil
  • garlic powder/garlic cloves (optional)
  • potatoes/rice

Arrange meat and potatoes on a plate. Rub salt, sprinkle rosemary, pepper. Drizzle with olive oil. Turn over and repeat on the other side. (Stab with fork if you're in a hurry and let stand for 15 minutes or let marinate in ref for 30 minutes).

Transfer to wire rack and pop in your Samsung Smart Oven.

You'll have a complete meal cooked in less than 15 minutes!


The Samsung Smart Oven also does a great job at cooking rice. I cooked it in the Pyrex glass bowl above. Just wash rice, add water and pop into microwave. Cooks in around 10-15 minutes depending on quantity. Result is soft, moist, perfectly cooked, fluffy rice.

In the end, I only need to clean up the glass plate and wire rack. Saves a lot of time and effort.

Really happy with my purchase.


Joey Tibayan-Bayan said…
You can bake with it too? How large is it? I have been looking for an oven to cook cookies or lasagna in. Thanks!
Jinkee Umali said…
Natawa nman ako dun, not sponsored..LOL! Anyway, thanks for sharing this in your post Sarah. I for one is also thinking of purchasing because of convenience.

Jinkee Umali
Joan Clare Yerro-Cambil said…
Hmmmm. looks yummy! thanks for sharing the recipe. will definitely have to try it one of these days. :) and oh, the Samsung Smart oven looks so classy. :)
_cimeon_ said…
Hi, is your white top part of the giordano bank on basics? :)
animetric said…
Sulit di ba? 😊
nicolepaler said…
This is perfect for those families living in condos too! no need for a super electricity consuming stove... :) I hope I can coax pichi to buy one of these for myself so that I can find my inner baker-sans-cook! :)
reigningstill said…
This made me consider this. I am looking for a nice microwave and oven toasters too. But I guess mas okay nga to kasi parang ganun din ang gastos. Hmmmm..
Maria Louisa Mae P. Mercado said…
That is quite pricey. Seeing as it's an all in one oven though it seems worth it. Love that it's a cinch to clean.
Nilyn EC Matugas said…
nice! I have to agree, maganda nga ang appliance na to. How much is this?
sarah tirona said…
thank you thank you thank youuuu!
sarah tirona said…
yup, mas mahal if you get them all individually talaga, ;)
sarah tirona said…
true, i love how it eliminates so much clutter and counter space :)
sarah tirona said…
yup it is, linen oxford shirts :)
sarah tirona said…
hirap na, baka kse feeling ng iba lahat sponsored na e, i dont like like that, wanna be transparent :P
sarah tirona said…
hahahaha yup i hope :P
Jen said…
Wow, all in one na ha?! Ok to for baking din which I really like. Hassle pa pag may oven toaster tapos may oven pa no?! hehe
Lorly said…
most fun part of house renovation projects, scouting for new stuff in the home. fun!
Jaclyn Chua-Park said…
I love Samsung products! At first I found the price quite pricey but after you described it it seemed very much worth it nga. And I love that you even shared a recipe with us!
Maan said…
I love the new look of your kitchen! Parang it's modern but manages to remain homey at the same time.
PhenomenalMama said…
Uy, I like this one! I'm always in the kitchen, and this is one kitchen appliance that I will look into.
Mukhang masarap ang prokchop kakagutom naman ang entry mo hehe

Ma Rozelle Vendil said…
Wow! That Samsung smart oven is really worth every penny! And it makes cooking a lot easier too (which is really a BIG help especially for women like me who doesn't really know how to cook). The evolution of intelligent technology nowadays is really amazing!
_cimeon_ said…
Many thanks! I enjoy your blog because it ain't pretentious and I relate to your style sense. :)
tgf said…
This is something I need in my kitchen. It's multi-functional plus it's a space-saver, too. -- Maria Teresa Figuerres
Rackell Villareal said…
Super like your new renovated kitchen. Na-inspire tuloy akong pagandahin yung kitchen namin ngayon. :)
sarah tirona said…
aw thank you soo much!!! :)
Ayi Dela Cruz said…
I like this! My three-year old microwave gave up on me, which is really frustrating. I'll check this out too :)
Amethystine said…
I was considering to buy a microwave these past few months but I can't seem to decide. And now this! Question lang, magkano ang konsumo sa kuryente?
sarah tirona said…
yun lang, i havent checked but so far naman, most new appliances ok sa kuryente and im just bracing myself til the billing statement comes hahaha. but so far, i think its worth it, makes preparing baon for my daughter in the morning super easy and less stress :)
sarah tirona said…
i hope this lasts longer than 3 years!! hahaha
Amethystine said…
Okay! Will share your review to the hubby :)
WOW! I'm loving that Samsung Smart oven ha!
cheers for smart ovens that make lives easier!
nhessie a. said…
Wow! your kitchen looks amazing! i would cook all day every day if my kitchen was that nice! hahaha.
thekitchen goddess said…
Nice! I'm also on the lookout for some new kitchen stuff since we're renovating also :D
MyMaria said…
Hi! I'm also planning to buy this pero I'm wary of the electric bill. Any ideas at how much consumption sa electricity now that you've had it for a year? Hope you can reply! :) TIA!
sarah tirona said…
hi! our bill hasnt really spiked up since i got this but i dont use it to cook everyday. i still use the range :) but i guess consumption is okay since we're not really careful with how long or how often we use it. i bake lasagna/chicken with it on a regular basis and ok naman, i havent seen a change in our electric bill :)
Boy-Kuripot said…
Buhay pa ba mga microwave ninyo? Thinking of buying one
Maria Smith said…
Hey, Sarah, thanks for the overview! I can`t decide on what to invest between a smart oven and an air fryer. Your post is very helpful, also this blog with different gadget reviews is very good... still can`t decide yet!