sanuk 2015: #neveruncomfortable

Do you remember Sanuk's tagline: "These are not shoes"?

They've dropped it.

These days, it's all about being #NeverUncomfortable.

Although I don't have anything against the popular "Sidewalk Surfers", I don't think they suit everyone's style.

Not everyone can pull off that cool, effortless vibe and look stylish at the same time (which is a pity because they really are super comfy.)

Thankfully, Sanuk has recently decided to finally expand their line into proper footwear so average folk like us can enjoy the same comfort everyday.

sanuk ballet flats price
The new designs were launched last June 23 at a press preview held in Commune, Makati.

The relaxed atmosphere of this third wave coffee shop was a perfect match for the brand's laid back persona.

sanuk #neveruncomfortable
We were given a preview of the shoes over live music, delicious coffee and equally yummy salads, sandwiches and pastries.

It was a great way to get really up close and personal with the new designs.

sanuk philippines
Most of them are really easy to pair with any outfit.

My favorites are the new leather ballet flats that come in gold and silver.

sanuk ss 15
However, the eye-catching prints on their canvas sneakers, flats and slip-ons have enough personality to liven up any plain outfit. Think denim cut-offs, a plain white tee and a pop of color with these shoes.

sanuk spring 2015
For men, I really like the new mid-cut designs.

sanuk sneakers
SANUK 2015
sanuk never uncomfortable
One of the most comfortable shoes in the market today, I can easily see these new designs as the modern Manileño's latest go-to for everyday footwear.

For more on Sanuk and the #NeverUncomfortable line, visit:


Maria Louisa Mae P. Mercado said…
I've always wanted a pair of Sanuk shoes! They look so comfy!
Didi said…
Sarah! ganun ba talaga ka sarap? I've been meaning to try BUT i'm too loyal to FitFlops! Hahaha... :)
sarah tirona said…
yea, magaang kse :)
sarah tirona said…
they really are super soft and lightweight :)
nicolepaler said…
I am so eying their canvas shoes... I love those kinds as they're really comfy. I really hope that Sanuk brought in the comfort that they have with their sidewalk surfers though. :)
animetric said…
When you say Sanuk naiisip ko yun mga parang Jesus of Nazareth era sandals hahahaha! Dami na pala ibang designs.
Will check out the gold ballet flats.

emiliana said…
I also had the same problem with my child. I exposed her to various creative activities and taught her that it is okay to be different at times.
I would often drop by their stores but couldn't really find a shoe that would suit me. Good, they now have these other designs, too. :)
Roxi Santiago said…
Our family loves Sanuk! Our first pair wasn't even for my husband and I, but for our then only son who only wore it for a while 'coz he grew up so fast!
I like your parenting style! Very chill lang and not authoritative. :)
Ma.Me.Mi.Mommy said…
I haven't tried Sanuk but with these new designs, I just might. :)
Jem Alvarado said…
I agree on exposing kids to various activities. I am glad that your daughter is now more confident in learning. :)