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I can't believe I did a butt shot, it's the most terrifying thing for a non-butt person like me. :P

And I haven't been to the gym in over half a year (I knowww, hassle but I plan to return soon now that everything's slowly beginning to normalize around the home front).

So anyway, let's talk denim since denim is a pretty hot commodity this season.

Do you have a favorite pair? How much did you get it for? ☺

bobson japan jeans ootd

I am quite the petit person so I really used to have a difficult time finding a pair of jeans that looked ok on me both with a shirt tucked in and left out.

The zipper/inseam is usually way too long which makes the waistband end up way too high on my waist at an awkward position. It looks really bad, not the cool high-waist Jenner look, more the awkward mom look.

So I used to spend quite a small fortune on pants because jeans are an integral part of every wardrobe and I had no choice. The ones that fit well were from a handful of designer jeans and one high street label.

Fast forward a decade and now we are overflowing with options at different price points. (Lucky kids)

One of the better ones I've tried with an affordable price tag is this dark wash pair from Bobson Japan.

I don't normally wear skinny jeans because I feel hot (not the sexy hot) and uncomfortable in them. I seriously feel like they make my legs look bigger rather than the type of cut that just nicely skims.

But this pair is an exception. It's really soft and pliable so I can still move around and feel comfortable in them plus the dark wash makes them ultra versatile and ready for both day and night.

chanel espadrilles street style
A strong contrast from my last ootd which focused more on power dressing, this one's more of my daily uniform. Something I'd wear to go to the grocery, pick up my daughter from school or do errands in.

Easy and fuss-free.

Got a bunch these blouses in SM Woman that just fall slightly south of the waistband so you don't have to tuck them in but they still look quite polished and more dressed up than a plain tee.

They're available in a variety of cuts and go with almost everything so I pretty much stocked up on them during my last shopping spree. :P

white balenciaga street style
SM Woman Top | Bobson Japan jeans (shop online at | balenciaga bag | chanel espadrilles

photo by Dennis Sy


the dreamer mom said…
Nice top and jeans!
Lorly said…
your photog name is familiar, is it just someone who has a similar name or is it the author of Rich for Life? :-)
I love skinny jeans! But branded ones are quite expensive. :(
petitemomma said…
You look so good! :) I used to like skinny jeans; now they don't look good on me.
Joy said…
I'm going to get a pair of that jeans and that pair of shoes too. :) Looks so chick. :)
Maria Louisa Mae P. Mercado said…
Fits well on you!
Balot said…
Looks great on you! I find it difficult to look for a good jeans coz my legs and butt is not proportional. Will check this out and see if it suits me :)
nicolepaler said…
I love "the Butt Shot" :3 looks like you have enough booty to go around hahahaha! Plus points to the fact that you dress very comfortable as a mom and yet still have flair to what you're wearing :) said…
Nice! I've been thinking of getting new set of clothes and what you shared today is something I'd love to check out. Oh, and I totally agree with you -- I do have to get back to the gym too! Ang hirap kapag mommy na... madami nang may kailangan ng time mo. :)
reigningstill said…
Love the butt shot! :-P I am not a jeans person but I love that we now have soft jeans. It's more comfy.