diy designer style statement mirror

Do you have a boring wall in your space that needs sprucing up?

Wanna give it instant bespoke designer appeal?

Then this DIY is for you! ツ 

Learn how to make your own statement mirror in less than 10 minutes after the jump!



  • a mirror 
  • any kind of acrylic paint and brush
  • old rag



  1. Wipe mirror with a glass cleaner, make sure it's clean and dust-free.
  2. Think of a statement or doodle you want to paint on.
  3. Dip your brush into some water, acrylic paint and paint on your message.
***you can either do it free hand (like me) or download a stencil from the internet


The beauty of this is that you can easily wipe off any mistakes with a wet rag and do it over!

Hope you liked this tutorial ツ

For more, just click on the DIY tab on my right rail.


Ayi Dela Cruz said…
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sarah tirona said…
i hope you'll enjoy and appreciate the difference as much as i did :)
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Thanks for clearing out some bra questions I have in mind!