Rainy days never fail to inspire me so here's another DIY post I did recently for my home - a Floating Instax Gallery Wall!

I've always wanted to display my large collection of Instax photos but I couldn't decide how not to make it look cluttered or too hodgepodge.

Thankfully, after being caved in for several days due to bad weather, I finally came up with a solution.

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instax diy
instax diy ideas

instax printer uses
  • a bunch of instax photos or an instax printer and a smart phone so you can print out photos
  • restickable mounting tape so you don't ruin the paint on your walls (if you don't care, just use any kind of strong tape :P)
  • Old (preferably lightweight) picture frames

instax gallery wall diy

Pull out the metal tabs used to secure the backing of your frame.

instax diy
Set aside everything else and just keep the frame.

Attach tape to the back of your frame (as may as you can) and chosen photos

diy instax wall
Arrange strategically on a wall like so...go large or as little as you want!

instax diy ideas
instax home
OR if your frames are super stubborn and don't want to stay up, just lean them on the wall and place your photos above for a more poetic/abstract feel.

Throw in some succulents for maximum hipster effect (i kid. :P)

hipster diy tutorials
There you go, hope you liked this tutorial! More coming real soon so hope you stay tuned.

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Chris said…
wow, this is a great idea!
Grace Sarakbi said…
looks great and creative too! an awesome way to fill the blank spaces at the wall :D
babyjetsetgo said…
I love this idea. Will do this with our travel pics soon! I have a bunch of Instax photos and I really don't want to just keep them in an album.
A WAHM Writes said…
This is a great idea. I don't have an instax but this should also work with our photos.
nicolepaler said…
I think I'll create a little cutesy space like this on the next time I makeover pichi and mine's room :)
ava te-zabat said…
Super cool! :) Love this idea!
Leilani Gamboa said…
i love how cute it came up! Very creative way to display photos on wall :)
thekitchen goddess said…
Nice. We are currently renovating my daughter's room and I think she'll like this floating gallery idea. She has tons of instax photos lying around ...
animetric said…
I like the effect!
Maan Laxa said…
I love this DIY project! I think I should buy film for my Instax Wide next weekend!
Teresa Martinez said…
This gives me an idea of what to do the next time the children have a long weekend.
Maria Louisa Mae P. Mercado said…
Great idea! We've been planning to put up up our pictures for the longest time!
Nica Reyes said…
Really nice!!! Those Black and White pieces are <3
Very creative idea, Sarah! Pa burger ka naman!

Arge Roque-Valencia said…
It's really nice to have a photo wall. I did the same thing in our bedroom wall :)
Millie Manahan said…
Wow! I love the colors and minimalist peg! So creative, :)
Rose Angelie said…
Beautiful! I have old instax photos I've been meaning to display but got lazy with searching for creative ways to do it. This is such an inspiration. Now I just have to clean our bedroom walls, and start looking for cheap frames. Thank you! :)
tgf said…
What a lovely DIY creation! I wish I were more creative so that I can come up with simple DIY projects at home, too. -- Maria Teresa Figuerres